Emergency Medical

Extra benefits for travelers in case of emergency


Medical Referrals

If you need medical care while traveling, we'll refer you to an individual healthcare provider or facility. You'll be given the provider's name, address, telephone number, office hours and languages spoken. We also follow up with you to make sure you received satisfactory service and that no further assistance is needed.

Dispatch/Consultation of U.S. Doctor or Specialist

When you need medical attention in your hotel or other location while traveling, we can arrange to have a local general practice physician available for consultation. This service is not available in all states and countries. If a physician cannot be dispatched, we'll offer other options.

Emergency Medical Transportation

If adequate medical facilities are not locally available in the event of an accident or illness, we'll arrange for an emergency evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing necessary treatment. After you receive treatment, a team of physicians can make travel recommendations to get you home safely, with an escort and ground transport if needed.

Medical Case Monitoring

In the event of a medical emergency, we can maintain real-time contact with local medical personnel to monitor your treatment, progress and quality of care until you are released or return home. We can also maintain communication with your relatives, employer, personal physician and health insurer.

Emergency Prescription and Eyewear Replacement

Get assistance locating local resources to replace lost or stolen eyeglasses, contact lenses or medications. If no local resources are available, we'll arrange shipment of the item or equivalent prescription, subject to local law.

Emergency Medical Payments

When money is needed to pay emergency expenses, we'll arrange direct payments to designated providers. Please note that advanced funds are your financial responsibility and we may charge you or obtain payment from your bank, employer, family member or any other reasonable means (if necessary) before advancing funds.

Advance of Medical Expenses

You may need to pay up front or provide a guarantee of payment in order to be admitted to some hospitals, clinics, or emergency rooms. In such a case, we'll arrange for the guarantee you need to receive treatment. In many areas, hospitals will only accept guarantee of expenses from a local company. We will be able to provide assistance in this area with its worldwide network of Operation Centers, correspondents and agents.

Dental Referrals

If you need dental care while traveling, we can provide the name, address, telephone number, office hours, and language spoken by a provider near you. We'll follow up with you to ensure the services rendered were satisfactory and that no further assistance is needed.

Return Travel Arrangements

If after treatment for a medical emergency, it's determined that it is medically necessary for you to return to your home, we can arrange for transportation by whatever means medically necessary. Travel plans can include further medical assistance, a medical or non-medical escort, and any ground transport requirements such as wheelchair assistance or ambulance.

Family Liaison and Message Relay

If during a trip you need to urgently communicate with family members, business associates, or friends who live in your country of residence, we act as liaison to send and receive urgent messages.

Convalescence Arrangements

If you or your companion needs to recuperate in a hotel, prior to or following medical treatment, we can help make the necessary arrangements.

Transport Escort

We'll arrange for a medical or non-medical escort, if through our medical monitoring process it's recommended that you have one for your return travel home.

Visitor to Bedside

If you're traveling alone and are hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days, we can make travel arrangements for a family member or friend to join you.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

We make all necessary arrangements for transporting mortal remains home, including: documentation, authorizations, preparation or cremation of remains, and appropriate container for transport.

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