Digital accessibility for all

Discover is committed to creating a seamless, ever-improving online experience for everyone.

Embracing all abilities

Everything we do starts with a focus on our customer. We strive to create digital experiences that are inclusive of all abilities. It is our goal for everyone to be able to seamlessly use our websites, our applications - all of our user interfaces.

What we do

Digital accessibility is a journey that is consistently evolving. We regularly explore possible enhancements across our product landscape.


At Discover, we aim to provide our users with comfortable and convenient experiences. To stay ahead, our ADA development team coordinates testing that focuses on accessibility best practices and commonly used assistive technology.


From clearly labeling pages, sections, and fields with straightforward language to our Braille credit card, our practice of mindful design enhances our user experience for all users, including those who are vision or hearing impaired.

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Our work continues

We're always looking into new and better accessibility features, and it is with the help of our customers that we grow.

Please share your suggestions on how to enhance the accessibility of the Discover user experience.