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Holiday Debt Diet: Pay Down Debt in 120 Days or Less

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may be over, post-holiday debt is the gift that keeps on giving. If you charged your holiday expenses to a credit card, you could easily be stuck reminiscing over your... Read more


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From Infant to Investor: How to Teach Kids About Money Using a Savings Account

When it comes to money management, practice really does make perfect. Start teaching your kids about money by taking an active role in their financial education and demonstrating... Read more

5 Ways to Save Big and Score a Debt-Free Holiday Season

With the holidays over, it's finally time to recover from that packed social schedule. Work parties. Gift exchanges. Shopping galore. You know the drill. If you found... Read more

4 Things to Consider Before Combining Finances With Your Significant Other

The deeper into a relationship you get, the more important talking about money and combining finances with your significant other become. So romantic, right? But if you... Read more

5 Ways to Decompress from Holiday Financial Stress

If the excitement of spending for the holidays burned a hole in your wallet and burned you out, your financial health may be causing you major stress in the new year... Read more

Ask the Expert: How Do You Make Budgeting (Really) Simple?

Budgeting can give people the jitters. Big time. Everyone knows setting a budget is important, but it's no fun to think about. To find ways to make your budget simple... Read more

4 Ways to Save Energy by Going Green This Winter

Winter may mean lounging by the fire, drinking hot chocolate (extra whipped cream, please) and movie marathons galore, but the dropping temperatures and extra time curled... Read more

Tired of Overspending? Meet the Envelope Budget

A credit card bill here, a visit to the dentist there, a night out with friends and ... it's the end of the month and you're out of cash. Sometimes that's all it takes... Read more
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