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Make Your Financial Goals a Reality [Calculator]

Buying a home. Jet setting abroad. Retiring in bliss. Sounds pretty good, right? A two-story Victorian with the white picket fence, a trip to an exotic country and life minus the 9-to-5-grind aren’t just the things... Read more


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4 Places to Keep Your Emergency Fund

Stuff happens. Often when you least expect it. A flu that gets the best of you. A clunking noise coming from your car—brakes? A busted water heater. You get the picture... Read more

5 Ways to Put Your “Dry January” Savings to Good Use

If you overindulged at the end of the year, you aren't alone. Holiday and new year's festivities are all the rage, and over eating, drinking and spending are common enough... Read more

5 Ways to Increase Your Earning Potential This Year

There's never a bad time to step back and review how things are going in your career: the new year, after a promotion (or lack thereof), the end of a quarter or following... Read more

From Infant to Investor: How to Teach Kids About Money Using a Savings Account

When it comes to money management, practice really does make perfect. Start teaching your kids about money by taking an active role in their financial education and demonstrating... Read more

5 Ways to Save Big and Score a Debt-Free Holiday Season

With the holidays over, it's finally time to recover from that packed social schedule. Work parties. Gift exchanges. Shopping galore. You know the drill. If you found... Read more

4 Things to Consider Before Combining Finances With Your Significant Other

The deeper into a relationship you get, the more important talking about money and combining finances with your significant other become. So romantic, right? But if you... Read more

Holiday Debt Diet: Pay Down Debt in 120 Days or Less

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may be over, post-holiday debt is the gift that keeps on giving. If you charged your holiday expenses to a credit card... Read more
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