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Simple Ways to Save Money (Without Even Feeling It)

Whether you’re trying to go on a dream vacation, or you’re just trying to comfortably pay your student loan bills, saving money is your ticket to success. Saving money on day-to-day expenses takes planning and discipline... Read more


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Step Up Your Savings Game With a CD Ladder

So you don't have a money tree planted in the backyard, and you're not sitting comfortably and carefree, cool drink in hand, watching that money grow. Instead, you've... Read more

From Your 20s Through Your 60s: Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you're just entering the workforce and kick-starting your retirement savings or cruising toward the finish line and retirement bliss, making the wrong financial... Read more

Financial Planning for a Baby: The Costs of Raising a Child

Babies are one of the miracles of life. Also miraculous is the growing cost of raising a child, which is why financial planning for a baby can be so important. From birth... Read more

4 Ways You Can Start a Money Savings Challenge

You'd expect a couple dubbing themselves "the Frugalwoods" on their finance blog to be experts at living with less and saving a lot. Even so, hearing some of what their... Read more

How to Be Frugal Without Cramping Your Style

When you think of what it looks like to live frugally, you might imagine it involves spending your evenings clipping coupons and your weekends at home doing a whole lot... Read more

What a Ring, Pacifier and Diploma Mean for Family Financial Planning

When you finally get to put your feet up and close your eyes after a whirlwind wedding weekend, or during the exhausted, exuberant days after a baby is born, you (understandably)... Read more

Partners in Life and Money: When to Open a Joint Checking Account

Ah, l'amour! When you're part of a couple, it seems inevitable that you and your partner would do everything as one. You live together, eat together, Netflix together... Read more

6 Tips to Save Money During the Holidays

While there's no place like home for the holidays, one festive pastime worth avoiding at all costs, literally, is any temptation to overspend on your gifts, travels or... Read more
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