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8.99% APR

$24,900 Total Cost

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60 Months




How your details affect the payment and APR

  • Higher loan amounts can raise your APR and increase your payment
  • Longer loan terms can raise your APR and increase your payment
  • Higher credit scores can lower your APR and decrease your payment

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Any results are estimates, and we do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy to your specific circumstance.

Results are calculated based on Discover application data as of 6/11/2024.

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  • Principal and interest

    The amount you receive from the lender is called the "principal." Each monthly payment will include principal — the amount of borrowed money you're paying back, and interest — the amount paid to the lender.

  • Personal loan fees

    With some lenders, you'll want to pay close attention to charges of origination fees, closing costs or prepayment penalties. Be sure to factor these in as you budget for your loan and monthly loan payments. A Discover personal loan has no additional fees as long as you pay on time.

  • Loan amounts and terms

    Before applying for a personal loan, feeling confident about the loan amount and terms you're requesting can make the process more stress-free. You can request a loan amount that varies between lenders. With a Discover personal loan, you can request up to x. Terms define how long you'll hold the loan and can impact your monthly payment. Be sure you explore every option with the payment calculator above.

  • Disbursement details

    After using the personal loan calculator, applying, and acceptance of your loan, the next step is disbursement of your funds. You can tell us how you want the funds sent to you. We can send the funds directly to many creditors in the case of debt consolidation, or the funds can be deposited into any of your bank accounts. Money can be sent as soon as the next business day if you’re approved for and accept the loan.

For more personal loans terminology, visit our Personal Loans Glossary

Why Discover® is trusted for personal loans

  • Great Rates
    Save on higher-rate debt with a fixed interest rate from x to x APR.
  • Flexible Terms
    Borrow up to x and repay it over x to x years — it's your choice.
  • No Up-Front Fees
    Put more of your funds to work with no fees of any kind — as long as you pay on time.
  • Funds Sent Fast    
    Funds can be sent as early as the next business-day after acceptance.

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