Here's How We Handle Fraud

We'll Issue a New Account and Card
We'll close your account and send you a card with new account information to stop any more unauthorized use of your account.
We'll Work to Resolve the Situation
We'll remove unauthorized purchases from your account while a fraud specialist conducts an investigation, which may take up to 90 days.
You're Not Responsible for Fraud
Our $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee means that you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.

Fraud Can Happen to Anyone

But You Can Protect Against It

Report Suspicious Purchases

Call us at 1-866-240-7938
Speak to a member of our dedicated team of fraud specialists, day or night, to report suspicious activity on your account.

Get Answers

Check out Our Fraud FAQs
Learn about our fraud protection features and find answers to common questions with our Credit Card Fraud FAQs.