It's fast and easy to pay with your contactless Discover® Card

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What are the benefits of a contactless Discover Card?


Just tap your card to the card reader to quickly pay at checkout


Use your card to easily pay for things you buy every day.


It uses similar technology as your chip card.

How do I tap to pay with my contactless Discover Card?

  1. 1

    Look for the at checkout.

  2. 2

    Tap your card to the reader.

  3. 3

    See your confirmation and go.

Discover is accepted in more places than ever before. Tap to pay at millions of stores.

Questions about my contactless Discover Card

Where can I tap my card to pay?

Anywhere you see at checkout, including coffee shops, corner stores, transit and many more.

How do I know if my card is contactless?

If your card has the , then you're good to go. Don't see the symbol?

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Do I have to tap my card to pay every time?

No. You can still insert your chip card at checkout or connect it to your eWallet.

Am I earning rewards when I tap to pay with my card?

Yes. You earn Discover rewards on every purchase.

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