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A range of global travel benefits protects you anytime, anywhere.


24/7 Travel Assistance

24/7 Travel Assistance provides you with a wide range of travel assistance benefits while you're traveling. Just call
1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) , 24 hours a day, to use any of these emergency services. If you're calling from outside the U.S., call collect at 1-801-902-3100.

Lost Baggage Tracking

We'll help you locate lost luggage by staying in touch with your airline or other carrier, and provide regular status updates about your luggage.

Emergency Cash Transfer/Cash

We'll help you find the most easily obtainable funds. We can locate ATMs and financial service institutions, or arrange to have cash wired or delivered while traveling (only available for domestic travel). Emergency cash advances are subject to AXA Assistance and Discover Bank's discretion.

Passport and Travel Document Replacement

If your passport, identity cards or other papers necessary to return home are lost or stolen, we provide assistance to replace them.

Embassy or Consulate Referral

We'll direct you to the nearest appropriate Consulate or Embassy:

  • Before your trip—to obtain a visa for a foreign country
  • During your trip-—to visit a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Flight Rebooking/Ticket Replacement

If your tickets are lost or stolen, or if illness or other emergency requires changing travel arrangements, we provide assistance replacing or rebooking your tickets.

Legal Referrals

Get referrals to lawyers or other legal service providers, including name, address, telephone number, office hours, specialty and language resources. Whenever possible, you'll have a choice of two or more referrals. We follow up with you to ensure service rendered was satisfactory and provide additional referrals if needed.

Valuable Document Delivery Arrangements

If your important documents (passport, driver's license and credit cards) are lost or stolen while traveling, we'll coordinate arrangements to recover, replace or forward the documents, and help you file loss reports.

Local Police Station Referral

We will provide you with the location and phone number for local authorities and police stations.

Security and Evacuation Assistance

If your home country determines there is a need for evacuation, we can make arrangements and coordinate your evacuation to your home country or safest nearby country.

Political Evacuation

We can arrange for repatriation on political grounds if you are in a country that needs to be evacuated, based on the decision of the United States government. In hostile or dangerous conditions, we'll use all resources to maintain contact with you until an evacuation becomes practical or the emergency has ended.

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