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Discover Credit Card Designs

Published October 17, 2022
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Key Points About: Credit Card Designs

  1. Changing your credit card design will not change the terms of your account, including your account number, your interest rate and your rewards program.

  2. When you request a new credit card design, your old card will remain active until the expiration date. You can use the old card until the expiration date, or call Discover to deactivate the card.

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You can personalize the design of your Discover credit card. Simply log into the Account Center and select a new design for yourself or anyone on your account. There’s no application to fill out or financial information to provide. Best of all, changing your card design is free.

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What are the numbers on the back of my Discover Card?

On the back of your Discover Card, there is an area where you sign your name. You will see three sets of numbers (see Card A or Card B). These numbers are part of the technology that we employ to activate the card.

The cardmember ID number is used to verify transactions made when the Card is not present, such as internet or phone purchases. It is also required when registering for the Account Center.

After I request a new card design, what should I do with my current card?

Since your account number will not change, your current card will remain active until the expiration date. Continue using it until the expiration date shown on the card or call us at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) to deactivate the card. You do not need to return your current card to us. If you choose not to use your old card, please destroy it.

I changed my reward program, so why is my old card design still appearing on my account?

If you recently changed reward programs, the card designs associated with the old rewards program will continue to be active until the expiration date shown on the card. You can continue to use that card for purchases until it expires, and it will earn rewards towards the new reward program.

If I request a new card design, will my account number stay the same?

Yes. If you request a new card design, the terms of your agreement will remain the same, including your account number, interest rates, statement closing date, rewards program, and account center settings.

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