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Support the team you love while earning top-tier rewards with the official credit card of the NHL®.

No annual fee

There's no annual fee to use your NHL® credit card. Not now. And not hiding a year from now.

Take it coast to coast

Shop online from home or tap and pay in stores to help avoid touching the card reader. Your Discover it ® NHL®credit card lets them know whose side you're on.

31 teams in the league - but only one matters to you.

Which NHL® team logo is worthy of your
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NHL logo and 31 NHL team logo options for the Discover NHL Card

Earn great rewards with the NHL® card

Hockey fans enjoy 5% cash back at select places throughout the year

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Save 10% at with the code ITPAYS when you pay using your Discover Card.6

Pay with your Discover Card to save 10% on your NHL.TVTM subscription.7

Feel proud every time you see the team logo on your NHL® Discover Card or in your mobile wallet.

Low intro APR

The Discover it® NHL® credit card starts at x% Intro APR for x months on purchases and balance transfers and x% Intro Balance Transfer Fee until . Then x% to x% Standard Variable Purchase APR and up to x% fee for future balance transfers will apply and there's no annual fee.

Every NHL® team credit card - all beauties with no annual fee

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The security you expect from Discover

The hockey credit card for true NHL® fans

Want to support the team you love while also enjoying top-shelf cash back rewards with no annual fee?

NHL® Discover it® Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

The NHL® Discover it® credit card is generally available to people with good to excellent credit. Discover considers information on your credit report along with other factors when determining if you qualify for an account. If you do not qualify for the NHL® Discover it® credit card, you may qualify for another card, like the Discover it® Secured credit card designed for people looking to build their credit history. 

The NHL® Discover it® credit card offers the same rewards on purchases as the Discover it® Cash Back credit card as well as the same match of the all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year.1 You also enjoy great Discover benefits like 100% U.S.-based customer service and more. But the NHL® Discover it® Card is the best credit card for hockey fans because all 31 NHL® teams are available as card designs. So you can show off your loyalty to your favorite NHL® team whenever you shop.

No. NHL® Discover it® has no foreign transaction fee. So if you’re planning a trip to Canada, for example, to catch an NHL® game, you won’t be charged a foreign transaction fee (a fee just for using your card outside the U.S.) on any purchases on your NHL® Discover it® credit card. 

A credit card balance transfer allows you to use some portion of your available credit line to transfer outstanding debt from another credit card account at a different bank or credit card company. Consider a credit card balance transfer if your NHL® Discover it® credit card has a low balance transfer APR or promotional APR that can help you save money on interest when you transfer higher interest debt.

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