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Unlimited 1.5% cash back

Get 1.5% cash back on every business purchase. Then we'll match it all at the end of your first year.1

No annual fee

Why Discover it® Business?

Cash back calculator: What can 1.5% do for your business?

Earn cash back on every purchase with every card – plus an unlimited Cashback Match your first year.1

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Designed to help your small business

Get up to 50 free employee cards

Customize employee spending limits and earn rewards on their purchases to help maximize your cash back.

Streamline your account management

Download transactions easily into Quicken, QuickBooks and Excel to make back office work more efficient.

Save time with the Discover mobile app

Access your account from anywhere with the convenience of our mobile app.

Power your business with a low intro APR and no annual fee

0% Intro APR for 12 months on purchases. Then 12.99% to 20.99% Standard Variable Purchase APR will apply.

Do business anywhere with the Discover mobile app

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Business Credit Card FAQs

Many business owners prefer to use a business credit card, rather than a personal credit card, to keep business expenses separate. Credit cards for small business owners have additional account benefits like employee cards that earn rewards and have custom spending limits. The Discover it® Business credit card also offers easy transaction downloads to popular accounting software.

A small business credit card application asks for some of the same information as a personal credit card application. But much of the information you'll need to apply for a business credit card is different. You may need to provide:

  • Your business' legal name
  • Your company structure
  • The industry that best suits your business
  • Your annual business revenue
  • Your personal total annual income

To be approved for a Discover business card, you'll need to own 100% of a business older than one year and have significant responsibility for managing it. If you have employees, you can give them up to 50 free employee credit cards, and customize their spending limits. Plus you’ll earn rewards on all their Discover business card purchases.

No. There is no foreign transaction fee. That means you'll still earn rewards without being charged an extra fee for international credit card charges. In addition to no foreign transaction fee, the Discover it® Business credit card also has no pay-by-phone fee, no overlimit fee, no late fee on your first late payment and no APR increase for paying late. And of course, there is no annual fee. See pricing details.

Every purchase with your Discover it® Business credit card earns unlimited 1.5% cash back automatically. And with Cashback Match, we'll automatically match all the cash back your business has earned at the end of your first year, dollar for dollar.1 There's no signing up, no minimum purchase requirements and no limit to the amount we'll match. You can turn $250 cash back into $500 as easily as turning $350 into $700.

Consider every way your Discover it® Business credit card can earn cash back:

  • Insert or swipe your business credit card for every in-store purchase
  • Shop online with your business credit card and store it with your favorite shopping websites or apps as the default choice
  • Pay invoices or monthly bills with your business credit card
  • Add up to 50 employees to your business credit card account and earn rewards on all their purchases as well

Help protect your business with built-in security features

Service you can count on

Business owners love Discover

Your business is your passion – we're here to help

  • The Discover it® Business credit card helps you streamline your expense management and earn meaningful cash back rewards that never expire2 – all with no annual fee.

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