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    When you use your Discover Card we will cover your eligible purchases up to $500 if they are damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase.
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    This exclusive benefit is available to you as a valued Cardmember. We've got you covered when you use your
    Discover card.
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See Purchase Protection Terms & Conditions for full details

The terms and conditions of this benefit are subject to change at any time. Please visit to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Purchase Protection Terms and Conditions


Discover cardmembers will receive up to $500 in reimbursement for a recently purchased item that is damaged or stolen. You are automatically eligible if the entire purchase is made with your Discover card (or accrued Cashback Bonus or Miles). Please note, items lost with no evidence of a wrongful act are not covered. Please see below for a complete list of exclusions. Purchase Protection is a Buyer Protection insurance policy underwritten by Federal Insurance Company Policy # 9906-52-21 and # 9907-19-61 (the "Policy"). Keep this coverage description for your records.

Detailed Description

We will reimburse the Insured Person up to $500 for Covered Purchases that are damaged or stolen, except if stolen from vehicles. This coverage only applies if the Insured Person charged the entire cost of the Covered Purchase to the Insured Person's Account during the Policy period. Coverage applies for 90 days immediately following a Covered Purchase.

We will reimburse the Insured Person for the lesser of: 1) the cost of the Covered Purchase indicated on the Insured Person's Account statement; or 2) the Benefit Amount of $500.<

In no event will We be liable beyond the amounts actually paid by the Insured Person. In no event will We pay more than the Annual Maximum Benefit Amount of $50,000 in any 12-month Policy period to a single Cardmember, regardless of the number of claims made in that 12-month Policy period.

The Benefit Amount is payable on an excess basis over and above any amount due from any other valid or collectible insurance or any other form of reimbursement payable by those responsible for the loss or damage.

Who is Covered

This insurance plan is provided to Discover cardmembers automatically when the entire cost of the Covered Purchase is charged to your Account while the insurance is effective. It is not necessary for you to notify the administrator or Federal Insurance Company (the “Company”) when items are purchased.


This insurance plan is provided at no additional cost to Discover Cardmembers.


Account means an open and active Discover Card account.  Account includes rewards accumulated on the Account.

Administrator means Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

Cardmember or Cardholder means an individual who is named on the Account card.

Covered Purchase means personal property, including gift items, not otherwise excluded that is purchased in full by the Insured Person using your Discover card. Covered Purchase does not include charges for shipping, handling, transportation and delivery.

Due Diligence means the effort that would be made by a reasonable and prudent person to protect the Covered Purchase from theft or damage.

Fine Art means paintings, etchings, pictures, tapestries, other bona fide works of art including but not limited to statues, rare books and manuscripts, porcelains, rare glass, and items of historical value or artistic merit.

Insured Person means a person, qualifying as a Class member 1) who elects insurance; or 2) for whom insurance is elected, 3) and on whose behalf premium is paid.

Natural Disaster means an event, including but not limited to wind storm, rain, snow, sleet, hail, lightning, dust or sand storm, earthquake, tornado, flood, volcanic eruption, wildfire or other similar event that: 1) is due to natural causes; and 2) results in severe damage such that the area in which loss occurs is declared a disaster area by a competent governmental authority having jurisdiction.

Proof of Loss means: a) a copy of the Account statement showing the purchase of the Covered Purchase; b) a copy of the initial claim report submitted to the Administrator; c) a copy of the police report; d) proof of submission of the loss to, and the results of any settlement by, the vendor; e) proof of submission of the loss to, and the results of any settlement or denial by, the Insured Person's personal insurance carrier.

War means: 1) hostilities following a formal declaration of war by a governmental authority; 2) in the absence of a formal declaration of War by a governmental authority armed, open and continuous hostilities between two countries; or 3) armed, open and continuous hostilities between two factions, each in control of territory, or claiming jurisdiction over the geographic area of hostility.

We, Us, and Our means Federal Insurance Company.

Claims Process

Who to Contact

Benefit and claim information is available by contacting Discover at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683), Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET).

Claim Notice Deadline

The Insured Person must send the Administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., written notice of a claim, including Insured Person's name and Policy number, within 45 days after a covered loss occurs.

Claim Submission Deadline

When the Administrator is told of a claim, the Administrator will give the Insured Person forms for filing Proof of Loss. If these forms are not given to the Insured Person within 15 days the Insured Person will meet Proof of Loss requirements by giving the Administrator a written description of the covered loss. Complete Proof of Loss must be sent to the Administrator within 90 days after a covered loss.

Proving a Loss

The Insured Person must:

  • protect the Covered Purchase from further loss or damage;
  • report any loss to the appropriate official representatives such as the police and the Administrator within 45 days from the date of theft or damage (see “Claim Notice Deadline” above);
  • complete the claim form and return along with legible copies of the Account statement showing the purchase of the Covered Purchase and original purchase receipt;
  • provide a photograph of any damaged Covered Purchase, a copy of the repair bill or a statement indicating that the item cannot be repaired along with evidence that the Covered Purchase has actually been replaced or repaired, if applicable;
  • provide a fire or police report, if applicable;
  • provide proof of submission of the loss to, and the results of any settlement by the vendor;
  • provide proof of submission of the loss to, and the results of any settlement or denial by the Insured Person's personal insurance carrier;
  • provide documentation of any other personal insurance or a statement that no other insurance exists;
  • provide a third party statement regarding circumstances of the theft or damage;
  • submit Proof of Loss to the Administrator;
  • cooperate with the Administrator in the investigation, settlement or handling of any claims;
  • permit the Administrator to question the Insured Person under oath whenever Our investigation deems it necessary. All statements taken will be signed by the Insured Person; and
  • authorize the Administrator to obtain records, reports or any other documentation requested necessary to Our investigation or to verify the claim.

Claim Payment

Reimbursement for covered losses will be paid to the Insured Person within 60 days after the Administrator receives Proof of Loss.

Exclusions and Limitations

Insurance under this Policy does not apply to Covered Purchases of:

  • professional advice;
  • boats;
  • motorized vehicles (including but not limited to airplanes, automobiles, mopeds, motorcycles and other motor vehicles) or their motors, equipment and accessories (including communication devices intended solely for the use in the vehicle);
  • land or buildings (including but not limited to homes and dwellings);
  • travelers' checks, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, bullion, rare or precious coins, cash or its equivalent (including gift cards and gift certificates);
  • perfumes, plants or animals;
  • consumables and perishables;
  • antique items or collectibles;
  • computer software or programs;
  • items purchased for resale;
  • items purchased for professional or commercial use with a non-business cards
  • medical equipment;
  • used, rebuilt, refurbished or remanufactured goods;
  • shipping, handling, or transportation charges for the cost of delivery of any Covered Purchase;
  • articles in a pair or set, coverage will be limited to no more than the value of any particular part or parts unless the articles are unusable individually and cannot be replaced individually, regardless of any special value the article may have had as part of a set or collection;
  • more than one part or parts of a pair or set of jewelry or Fine Art.

This insurance does not apply to loss or damage of a Covered Purchase caused directly or indirectly by:

  • Theft of i) personal property from vehicles, ii) personal property when the Insured Person fails to exercise Due Diligence and iii) personal property stolen from public places when the Insured Person fails to exercise Due Diligence. Theft must be reported to the police or an appropriate authority within 36 hours of occurrence.
  • Loss of i) personal property with no evidence of a wrongful act; ii) baggage and/or its contents unless carried by the Insured Person by hand or under the Insured Person's personal supervision or a traveling companion previously known to the Insured Person; iii) property by the United States Postal Service (USPS) or any other delivery service;
  • Any fraudulent or illegal activity of the Insured Person;
  • Wear and tear or gradual deterioration;
  • Moths, vermin, inherent mice;
  • Product defects or items covered by a manufacturer's recall;
  • Damage sustained due to any process or while actually being worked upon and resulting therefrom;
  • Confiscation by any government, public authority or customs official;
  • Natural Disaster;
  • Failure of the Insured Person to exercise Due Diligence to avoid or diminish loss or damage;
  • Power surge or power loss;
  • Any hazardous, pathogenic or poisonous, biological, chemical, nuclear or radioactive material, gas, matter or contamination;
  • War

Policy Provisions

As a handy reference guide, please read this document and keep it in a safe place with your other insurance documents. This Summary of Coverage is not a contract of Insurance but is simply an informative statement to eligible Insureds of the principal provisions of the insurance while in effect. Complete provisions pertaining to this plan of insurance are contained in the master policy # 9906-52-21 and # 9907-19-61 on file with DFS Services LLC. If a statement in this Summary of Coverage and any provision in the policy differ, the policy will govern.


Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
Benefits Assistance Center
PO Box 89405
Cleveland, OH 44101-6405

Federal Insurance Company, a member of the
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
15 Mountain View Road, P.O. Box 1615
Warren, New Jersey 07061-1651

Effective Date

This feature was not available on any accounts prior to 2/1/09 (Discover Business Card 4/1/09) and purchases made prior to this date do not qualify for coverage.
Coverage begins:

  • it/More/Open Road/Escape cards- for purchases made on the account on or after 2/1/09.
  • Discover Business card- for purchases made on the account on or after 4/1/09.

Coverage begins automatically at the latest of the following:

  • on the date the policy is effective;
  • at the beginning of the Policy term for which premium has been paid; or
  • on the date the Insured falls within the classes of persons specified in the Class Schedule.

Coverage ends automatically at the earliest of the following:

  • on the date the policy is terminated;
  • on the expiration of the policy term for which premium has been paid;
  • on the date the Insured no longer falls within the classes of persons specified in the Class Schedule; or
  • on the expiration date of any applicable period of coverage for an Insured


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