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Painting Hacks: Creating Textures and Patterns

To add something interesting or different to a wall or piece of furniture, try a texturing pattern. For a worn or shabby chic look, rub a wax candle over wood surface. As you paint over the surface, the paint won’t stick to the wax coated surface. Tie a string around your roller for a wild texture. It’s best to experiment with different string diameters and patterns before starting. You can also pick up a patterned roller for a more predictable look. Make sure to test a roller on a different surface before starting. For a striped effect, use a dry paintbrush for small surfaces or a fanned broom head for larger surfaces. Start off by applying a generous amount of paint to your surface. While the paint is still wet, run a dry brush over the surface using one continuous stroke at a time and keep your strokes in the same direction. When dry, you should have a unique striped look for your surface. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your paint and give your space a unique look!

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