Last updated: June 06, 2022

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Remodeling Projects That Fit Your Home’s Architecture – Tudor

Man renovating in his tudor style home

Tudor Style

Tudor homes feature tall, narrow, casement windows with multiple panes of decorative wood and stucco half-timbering. They are known for steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs and are commonly found in well-established neighborhoods. Tudors gained popularity beginning in the early 1900’s, especially in Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and New York.

Improvement ideas for a tudor style home


1. Renovate Tudor Style House Themes:

a. Tudor style themes typically use materials such as slate, concrete, brick, and stone.
b. As these homes gained popularity in the 1900’s, some of the exterior materials may be old or damaged. If this is the case, consider renovating the home by upgrading the materials while sticking to the original theme.
c. This will make the home look new while keeping the original theme of the home.

2. Arched Tudor Style Door Way:

a. Another feature of most Tudor style homes is the arched doorway.
b. If the entryway to your home is not arched, you might want to add that feature.
c. You can accentuate the arch by using stones around the entire doorway.

3. Replace Modern Doors with Wooden Doors:

a. Tudor homes also use a lot of wood to accent the home and contrast it from the other bricks or cement around it.
b. Using wooden doors, both for interior and exterior, can help add warmth to the home throughout.

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