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Our home equity loan is a fixed rate loan, which means you'll know exactly what you'll pay every month.


Interest rates
Fixed interest rate 3.99% - 11.99% APR
Loan amount
Application fee
Origination fee
Home Valuation fee
10, 15, 20, 30 years
Fixed monthly payments
Cash required at closing

GOOD FOR Home Equity Loan

Home improvements
Yes, good for home equity loan
Debt consolidation
Yes, good for home equity loan
Mortgage refinancing
Yes, good for home equity loan
Yes, good for home equity loan
Yes, good for home equity loan
Other one-time major expenses or life events
Yes, good for home equity loan
Ongoing access to major funds
No, not good for home equity loan

Question answer section


What do I need to be eligible for a Discover Home Equity Loan?

Chatting with a Personal Banker is the best way to see if you're eligible, but here are a few things we look for, amongst others:
  • Credit score of at least 620 or higher depending on your circumstances
  • History of responsible credit use
  • Verifiable employment and income
  • Sufficient equity in your home
  • Owner occupied
  • US citizen or permanent resident
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