Additional Travel Services

It's like having a special travel agent working for you at all times.


Visa/Passport Requirements

Before you make travel plans to a foreign country, call to find out about passport or visa requirements. We'll also provide contact information for the nearest consulates or facilities for obtaining necessary documentation.

Travel Medical and Safety Advisories

Get important medical, immunization and safety/security information about your destination before your trip.

Online Travel Security Information

Get up-to-date security and other pertinent information from the U.S. State Department, as well as advisories on topics including medical issues, immunization advisories and notable global events. Learn more.

Currency Conversion or Purchase

Get up-to-date currency conversion rates and information about nearby locations to exchange currency.

Weather and/or Ski Reports

Plan your itinerary—before or during your trip—with up-to-date weather details and ski reports.

Translator or Interpreter Assistance

Get emergency interpretation assistance by phone in more than 60 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Return of Dependent Children

If you're unable to complete your travel with your children, we'll arrange to send them home to be with friends, family or someone else you designate. We can also provide an escort for their travel.

Return of Traveling Companion

Your traveling companions can be returned home with you, should you need to be evacuated for any reason. (To take advantage of this benefit, your companions can return home by the means of transportation initially planned.)

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