Be An Original

Use different user IDs and passwords across your online banking institutions, email and social media accounts.
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Strengthen Your Login

Is your password strong enough to keep you protected? Test it now:

Password Strength Indicator

Password Strength
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(Must be 8-32 characters and have at least 1 letter and 1 number. Your password is case sensitive, and may also contain special characters.)

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Pick a Passphrase

Consider using a longer, multi-word passphrase that includes spaces such as "Orang3 is my favorit3 color!"
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Put Discover On Watch Duty

Sign up and customize your free fraud and activity alerts.
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Fight Phishing Emails

Don't become bait for fraudulent emails that lure you into sharing personal information or downloading malicious software.
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Go Paperless

View your statements online securely through and on the Discover Mobile app. Sign up for Paperless Statements today.
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Use Secure Mobile Apps

Criminals publish fake apps designed to steal your information. Always download an app from a trusted source.
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Shred It Before You Trash It

Thieves can dig up personal information from your garbage or recycling bins. Always shred sensitive documents before throwing them out.
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Don't Over Share

Be careful what you post online. When you give out too much on your social networks you could be creating a trail of information for scammers.
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Need Help Now?

Report Suspicious Emails or Text Messages

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