Looking to unwind but wondering how you’ll pay for a vacation or explore a new hobby? Check out everything you need to know about taking out personal loans for traveling or a new pursuit.

What is the Average Cost of a Honeymoon?

Honeymoon couple snorkels in clear water.

Most couples tend to focus on planning the wedding after they get engaged. One part of planning a wedding is outlining the costs. This makes sense since weddings can be expensive, but average honeymoon costs can add up quickly, too. How do you afford both the honeymoon… Read More

Alternative Loans for Autos & Recreational Vehicles

Man fixing a motorcycle on side of road

While Discover® does not offer auto loans, there is more to motorized transportation than cars, just like there are many ways to use a personal loan. It’s no secret that personal loans are a valuable financing option for life’s large expenses or debt management. So,… Read More

Are Electric Cars Worth the Money?

Red electric car backed into a charging station on one side and a black electric car backed into a charging station on the other side. Two opposing EVs create a visual representation of electric cars pros and cons to consider in a buyer's journey.

As gas prices remain a hot topic, many people are taking a closer look at electric vehicles (EVs). Improvements in technology, and the fact that EVs are now available in every class of vehicle, make them increasingly attractive to the average consumer. But you might… Read More

How to Save for Vacation When You’re on a Budget

Man and woman enjoying a romantic gondola ride in Venice.

Vacations do much more than just  relieve our wanderlust — taking time away from work can help ease everyday stress and return us to our regular lives relaxed and reinvigorated.

Sometimes, however, we feel like we have to postpone our dream travel due to financial … Read More

Vacation Financing: What Are Your Options?

Person enjoying hot springs on a dream vacation.

A vacation may not be in your immediate future, but anticipating a trip can bring you happiness and give you something to look forward to. Even if it takes some advance preparation or vacation financing to make it a reality, you can still plan for your dream trip. Let’s… Read More