Dive into personal loan basics to learn when and how they might be a good choice for borrowing money. Additionally, Discover offers resources to help you prepare for taking out a personal loan.

How Do We Measure Financial Stability?

Financial concerns are a frequent facet of everyday life. Financial stress affects millions of families across the country. The economic impact of the global health pandemic triggered by COVID-19 has only compounded these concerns for millions of Americans.… Read More

Teaching Financial Literacy to Teens

Father and teen talk about money management

Your teenager or young adult may be looking for their first job. And they’ll want to make more of their own financial decisions as their independence increases. Like many parents, you may worry about when to have a conversation with them about spending, saving, and… Read More

What is a Signature Loan?

Man looking at personal loan options

A signature loan is a type of unsecured personal loan. Sometimes called a “good faith” or character loan, it gets its name from the fact that lenders only use the borrower’s signature and a promise of repayment as collateral for the loan.

Signature loans are … Read More

Getting a Personal Loan: Common Questions & Answers

A couple and their young child look at plans for a renovation.

Whether you’re looking to pay off your credit cards or fund your dream vacation, a personal loan can help you achieve your goals. Personal loans offer the flexibility to cover a range of expenses, from unexpected medical bills to debt consolidation.

When it… Read More