Dive into personal loan basics to learn when and how they might be a good choice for borrowing money. Additionally, Discover offers resources to help you prepare for taking out a personal loan.

What is Good Debt vs. Bad Debt?

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Many people think that you should avoid any kind of debt. But not all debt is bad. Debt may be “good” when it helps you establish credit and build wealth. Debt can be considered “bad” if it’s costly, hurts your credit score, or makes it harder to reach your financial goals.… Read More

What Is an Installment Loan?

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Whether you need to consolidate debt or manage one of life’s big events, a personal installment loan could help you pay for it. With a fixed interest rate and set regular monthly payments, an installment loan can bring predictability to your budget. Keep reading to… Read More

Teaching Financial Literacy to Teens

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Your teenager or young adult may be looking for their first job. And they’ll want to make more of their own financial decisions as their independence increases. Like many parents, you may worry about when to have a conversation with them about spending, saving, and… Read More