Dive into personal loan basics to learn when and how they might be a good choice for borrowing money. Additionally, Discover offers resources to help you prepare for taking out a personal loan.

Create Your Personal Financial Plan in 6 Steps

Man looking at a tablet

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

This is as true for personal finance as it is for any other goal. You can’t prepare for your financial future if you don’t have a plan. A personal financial plan serves as this roadmap. It’s a living, breathing… Read More

10 Things You Need to Know About Personal Loans

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If you’re confused about what to know about personal loans, you’re not alone.

First, what is a personal loan? How high or low are the interest rates? What’s involved in taking out a personal loan? Do you need collateral? What about your credit score?

There’s a lot of … Read More