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Remodel vs. Renovation: Which Is Right for You?

Woman leans on table covered with building plans and holds hand with little girl kneeling on table

When you are ready to tackle home improvements, a key decision often involves the simple question of remodel vs. renovation.

The two may sound similar, but are they the same? Both remodeling and renovating are projects meant to improve the look and feel of your home.… Read More

How to Pay Medical Bills in 4 Steps

Man in hospital bed talking to staff member with tablet about paying medical bills

With each passing year, more Americans seem to struggle with how to pay their medical bills and debts. To cope with the burden, many put off other financial priorities like saving for retirement, paying credit card bills, or even going to the doctor, potentially making… Read More

How to Pay for Moving Expenses

Man packing a moving box

Moving is a big deal. There’s the thrill of a fresh start, planning for your new place, and ensuring your stuff is packed up. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track of things—like paying for the move itself.

The first part of planning should be setting your budget.… Read More