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How Much Do Braces Cost and How Can You Pay for Them?

Boy grins showing his braces.

So you or your child is about to join the ranks of the millions of Americans who wear braces to correct their teeth. You’re looking forward to the results — an improved bite, straight teeth, a big smile.

But, the first thoughts you had when the dentist said “orthodontia”… Read More

What is the Average Cost of a Honeymoon?

Honeymoon couple snorkels in clear water.

Most couples tend to focus on planning the wedding after they get engaged. One part of planning a wedding is outlining the costs. This makes sense since weddings can be expensive, but average honeymoon costs can add up quickly, too. How do you afford both the honeymoon… Read More

Are Electric Cars Worth the Money?

Red electric car backed into a charging station on one side and a black electric car backed into a charging station on the other side. Two opposing EVs create a visual representation of electric cars pros and cons to consider in a buyer's journey.

As gas prices remain a hot topic, many people are taking a closer look at electric vehicles (EVs). Improvements in technology, and the fact that EVs are now available in every class of vehicle, make them increasingly attractive to the average consumer. But you might… Read More

What is a Home Improvement Loan?

Man and woman shake hands with contractor on their home remodel project

If you’re one of the many people spending more time at home these days, you might be aware of all those little and not-so-little home blemishes. And you may be getting eager to fix them, either for yourself or with hopes of eventually putting your house up for sale. But… Read More