Find the personal loan resources you need to help you budget for any major health or family expense.

Personal Loans for Medical Bills

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Your health is your life; it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt you need to spend whatever it takes to maintain it. At the same time, you may have some concerns about getting hit with an extremely expensive bill for an unplanned medical procedure.

Health care is one of… Read More

How to Pay Medical Bills in 4 Steps

Man in hospital bed talking to staff member with tablet about paying medical bills

With each passing year, more Americans struggle with how to pay their medical bills and debts. To cope with the burden, many put off other financial priorities like saving for retirement, paying credit card bills, or even going to the doctor, potentially making themselves… Read More

How Much Do Braces Cost and How Can You Pay for Them?

Boy grins showing his braces.

So you or your child is about to join the ranks of the millions of Americans who wear braces to correct their teeth. You’re looking forward to the results — an improved bite, straight teeth, a big smile.

But, the first thoughts you had when the dentist said “orthodontia”… Read More

Plastic Surgery Financing

Discussing plastic surgery

Reconstructive surgery, also called plastic surgery, is a type of surgery designed to reconstruct parts of the face or body. Plastic surgery can address defects due to birth disorders, burns, diseases, or other trauma. Whereas cosmetic surgery is often designed… Read More