Read these resources to learn about personal loan features and benefits. Discover has articles to help you decide if taking out a personal loan is the right decision for your financial future.

Getting a Personal Loan: Common Questions & Answers

Taking out a personal loan for dream projects

Whether you’re looking to pay off your credit cards or fund your dream vacation, a personal loan can help you achieve your goals. Personal loans offer the flexibility to cover a range of expenses, from unexpected medical bills to debt consolidation.

When it… Read More

Inflation and Interest Rates: What’s the Link?

What happens to interest rates during inflation and how does it trickle down to daily life, wonders the woman in the photo looking at her grocery receipt

You’ve probably noticed the most visible impact of inflation: the rising cost of things you might want to buy. You’ve probably also heard about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

Why is the Fed doing this? And how are higher interest rates related to rising… Read More

Applying for a Personal Loan Online vs. In Person

A woman looks through her financial paperwork to complete an online loan application at home instead of going to the bank to complete one in person.

You have choices when it comes to where and how you apply for a loan, including deciding whether applying for a loan online vs. in person is better for you.

For many people, the first stop when they seek a personal loan is their local bank or credit union. Most brick-and-mortar… Read More