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Personal Loans for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Two men admire their wedding bands.

The road to your wedding—starting with the proposal and determining if you need engagement ring financing all the way to the big day itself—can be a long one. Many couples take months, or even years, to get ready for their weddings.

And while it used to be tradition that… Read More

What is Credit History? How You Can Build It

A man seated at a desk at home and writing in a ledger.

Your credit history is the primary source of information for lenders about your financial past and present. Some people have a long credit history. Others have a short credit history. And some people have no credit history at all.

As the name implies, your credit history… Read More

What is Good Debt vs. Bad Debt?

Couple embraces each other standing in front of home

Many people think that you should avoid any kind of debt. But not all debt is bad. Debt may be “good” when it helps you establish credit and build wealth. Debt can be considered “bad” if it’s costly, hurts your credit score, or makes it harder to reach your financial goals.… Read More