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Are Electric Cars Worth the Money?

Red electric car backed into a charging station on one side and a black electric car backed into a charging station on the other side. Two opposing EVs create a visual representation of electric cars pros and cons to consider in a buyer's journey.

As gas prices remain a hot topic, many people are taking a closer look at electric vehicles (EVs). Improvements in technology, and the fact that EVs are now available in every class of vehicle, make them increasingly attractive to the average consumer. But you might… Read More

Inflation and Interest Rates: What’s the Link?

What happens to interest rates during inflation and how does it trickle down to daily life, wonders the woman in the photo looking at her grocery receipt

You’ve probably noticed the most visible impact of inflation: the rising cost of things you might want to buy. You’ve probably also heard about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

Why is the Fed doing this? And how are higher interest rates related to rising… Read More

What Is Financial Freedom?

VYoung man sitting back in coffee shop, on laptop and smiling thinking about the steps to financial freedom he plans on achieving

While the broad concept of financial freedom generates a lot of ink, it can mean something different to each one of us. For some, it means you don’t need to live on ramen noodles and hold your breath until your next paycheck. For others, it’s enough money in the … Read More