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Use Discover® with Apple Pay for convenient checkout

Accepted by millions of merchants, Discover with Apple Pay is the easy and rewarding way to pay. Plus, you get an extra layer of privacy and security added to every purchase.1

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Use it where you already shop

Restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, shops, and more. Use Apple Pay wherever you see the Apple Pay logo or Chip reader logo symbols to pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Paying with Apple Pay is fast and convenient

With your Discover Card set as default, double click side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch (or touch the Home button if there is one) to pull up your card from Apple Wallet. Authenticate purchase with Face ID or Touch ID. Then hold the device above the reader until the checkmark appears.

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Makes checkout easy, online and in apps

Never type in your card information again. Simply find the Apple Pay logo button to quickly make payments using Discover and Apple Pay.

How it works

Keep the rewards rolling

Just like with your physical card, you’re earning Discover rewards on every purchase with Apple Pay. You can redeem any amount, anytime—your rewards never expire.Click to jump to rewards redemption disclosure2

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Stay on top of purchases

Get a quick glance of your recent purchases within Apple Wallet. Or for more transaction details, you can open the Discover app.

Gives payments an extra layer of security1

Apple Pay uses the built-in features of iPhone so every purchase enjoys enhanced security and privacy. All transactions require Face ID or Touch ID, and your card number is never stored in your device or Apple servers. Apple does not know what you purchase, where or when.
Starbucks, Target, and Best Buy Logos

Accepted at the places you love to shop

Use Discover with Apple Pay for convenient and rewarding payments wherever you shop. So you’re always good to go.

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Commuting is a breeze with Apple Pay


  • With Express mode for transit payments, you don't need to unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay with your Discover Card
  • Access your commuter cards and tickets all in one place—Apple Wallet
  • Now accepted on public transit in New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco and more.


if you haven’t already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Pay is a payments feature that allows you to add your credit and/or debit cards to a supported Apple® device through the Wallet app and make purchases at participating merchants.

There is no cost to cardmembers who use their Discover card in Apple Pay. However, your Discover card's terms and conditions will apply for purchases. Also, additional message and data charges may apply depending on your wireless plan.

You can make payments with your iPhone® 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE and Apple Watch at participating in-store merchant locations. You will also need to ensure that your device is updated with iOS 9 software in order to pay using your Discover card with Apple Pay.

Yes. You receive all the rewards, security, and benefits of your Discover card when you use it with Apple Pay. Please log into your card account at or in the Discover Mobile app to see your individual card benefits. For any additional questions regarding rewards while using your Discover card in Apple Pay, please refer back to for further information.

Yes, your ten most recent transactions made using Discover Card in Apple Pay will be displayed.

1. All Apple Pay transactions require authentication with Face ID®, Touch ID®, or passcode. In addition, when you use Apple Pay, your real card number is never shared with merchants. Learn more about Apple Pay security and privacy Apple Pay, Face ID, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.

2. Rewards never expire. We reserve the right to determine the method to disburse your rewards balance. We will credit your Account or send you a check with your rewards balance if your Account is closed or if you have not used it within 18 months.

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