Pay with Rewards Terms and Conditions


Important Information About the Program

If you use any of the following services for your Discover Card, the terms and conditions below apply to you:

These Additional Terms and Conditions (“Pay with Rewards Terms”) give you detailed information about how Pay with Rewards using Apple Pay (“Pay with Rewards”) works. This information is provided to you, the Cardmember, from us, Discover® Bank, the issuer of your Discover  Card. “DFS" means Discover Products Inc., Discover Bank and their affiliates.

Pay with Rewards Overview

Depending on your Discover Card, if added to Apple Pay you may be permitted to use your Discover Card Rewards (defined below) to make purchases through Apple Pay known as “Pay with Rewards”. These Pay with Rewards Terms are applicable to your use of your Discover Card. In addition, all Pay with Rewards redemptions are subject to the Rewards Terms and Conditions, the terms of your Discover Card® agreement and any applicable Apple Pay terms and conditions.


In order to redeem your Cashback Bonus® or Miles ("Rewards") for purchases using Pay with Rewards through Apple Pay, you must complete the Pay with Rewards enrollment process and agree to these Pay with Rewards Terms. Enrollment is currently limited to the Discover it®, Discover it Chrome, Discover it Miles, Discover it Student, Discover it Student Chrome, Discover More, and Discover it Secured Credit Cards ("Discover Card").  At this time, no other Discover Card is compatible with Pay with Rewards. You can only use Pay with Rewards on iPhones and iPads running iOS 18, iPadOS 18, or later versions of iOS and iPadOS.

Available Rewards Balance

Once enrolled in Pay with Rewards, your Discover Card Rewards balance will be linked to your Apple Pay wallet for the Discover Card(s) you selected during the Pay with Rewards enrollment process.  If your Discover Card account is linked to an Apple Pay wallet that is not your own, or you allow others to access the Apple Pay wallet where you have enrolled your Card, your Rewards balance will be displayed and your Rewards will be available for their use.  Purchases made using Pay with Rewards will be immediately deducted from your Discover Card Rewards balance. Your Rewards balance may not always be available and access to your Rewards using Pay with Rewards may be limited depending on changes in your account status.  

Using Pay with Rewards

When using Pay with Rewards, your Discover Card must have an available credit amount equal to, or higher than, the amount of your credit card transaction. Your Discover Card also must have an available Rewards balance. When you use Pay with Rewards, the full dollar amount of the Apple Pay transaction will be charged to your Discover Credit Card as a standard purchase. A corresponding credit for the amount of Rewards used will be credited to your Discover Card account as a statement credit in a separate transaction within seventy-two (72) hours of the Rewards redemption transaction. Per your cardmember agreement, you may be charged interest on the purchases that are charged to your credit card. We begin to impose interest charges on purchases from the day we add it to the daily balance. You should review your cardmember agreement for further details about calculation of interest charges and paying interest. The statement credit applied to your credit card account only covers the redemption amount and does not cover any interest charges that accrue on the purchase. Pay with Rewards statement credits may post to your account in a different billing period than the credit card transaction charged to your account.  If the transaction on your Discover Card is not approved, then the Pay with Rewards redemption will not occur and your Discover Card Rewards balance will not be debited.  You must use an eligible Discover Card to use Pay with Rewards (see Enrollment Section above).  You will only be able to use Pay with Rewards for transactions made in US Dollars. You remain responsible for paying the balance on your Discover Card, including finance charges, minimum payment amounts and other charges regardless of using Pay with Rewards to make purchases. Your Discover Card Rewards balance will be reduced to reflect the amount of Rewards used towards your purchase once completed.

The preauthorization amount submitted by merchants may be different from the amount charged to your card and posted to your account. The preauthorization amount submitted by merchants also may be different than the cost of the actual goods or services. DFS does not determine the preauthorization amount submitted by merchants. Both the amount of Rewards redeemed from your account by DFS and the corresponding statement credit will match the amount you requested to redeem from your account.  However, if, at the time of redemption processing, your available Rewards balance is less than the amount you requested to redeem, DFS will process the Rewards redemption using your available Rewards balance. The Rewards redeemed from your account and the statement credit will never exceed the amount of Rewards you requested to redeem. Redemptions expire if merchants do not authorize on your card within 24 hours of checkout. Discover does not control when merchants choose to authorize. Redemptions may fail for reasons including account status, available Rewards, device connectivity, or whether your Apple Pay purchase was approved.

Disabling Pay with Rewards

You may disable Pay with Rewards from the Manage Third-Party Access dashboard on When you disable Pay with Rewards, DFS will stop sharing your Rewards data, rewards balance and rewards redemption activity with Apple. You will no longer be able to use Pay with Rewards once you disable it. Disabling Pay with Rewards applies to all Apple devices where your Discover Card is provisioned. You will continue to be able to use Apple Pay with your Card for standard purchases. You can re-enable Pay with Rewards with Apple Pay in the future by going to the Manage Third-Party Access dashboard on When you re-enable Pay with Rewards, these Pay with Rewards terms and conditions will continue to apply.

Pay with Rewards Limitations

Pay with Rewards can only be used for eCommerce purchases and are not redeemable over the phone or at physical point of sale brick-and-mortar locations. “eCommerce” is defined as virtual payment transactions where checkout is completed outside of a physical point of sale or brick-and-mortar location. Data available in Pay with Rewards may be delayed due to a variety of factors, including internet service. You can only redeem Rewards through Pay with Rewards one time per transaction. Pay with Rewards will not be available for recurring billing subscriptions, including, but not limited to, monthly subscriptions or auto-reloading of gift card balances. In addition, we may prevent you from redeeming your Rewards based on your account status. DFS and Apple reserve the right to restrict your use of Pay with Rewards or to unenroll your Rewards account from your Apple Pay wallet account at any time in our sole discretion, including when we suspect misuse or fraud.

Additional Limits on Pay with Rewards

We may decline to complete or delay a redemption: (i) if we believe it may involve or result in a violation of applicable law or expose us to liability or risk of loss; (ii) if the redemption instructions or authorization are unclear, ambiguous, or incomplete; (iii) if we identify a fraud or security risk involving an individual redemption or the Pay with Rewards service; or (iv) as otherwise stated in any other applicable terms and conditions or these Pay with Rewards Terms. We are not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from our delay or cancellation of a redemption or for any failure to notify you of such delay or cancellation, except as otherwise expressly provided in these Pay with Rewards Terms. You agree not to use Pay with Rewards in connection with unlawful domestic or international gambling websites or payment processors that support unlawful gambling websites or to purchase illegal goods or services.

Refunds, Returns and Other Similar Actions

Redemptions of your Discover Card Rewards using Pay with Rewards are final, non-refundable and non-reversible. All Rewards redemption transactions are subject to the merchant’s standard refund, return and similar policies.  However, statement credits are final.  If you return or are issued a refund for a purchase using Pay with Rewards, the corresponding statement credit for that purchase will remain on your account in addition to any return credit provided by the respective merchant. It is also important to note that if you redeem Rewards using Pay with Rewards and such transaction is approved but the transaction is later cancelled or a refund issued prior to the corresponding statement credit posting, such statement credit will still post to your Discover Card account consistent with these Pay with Rewards Terms. Once a Pay with Rewards redemption transaction is commenced, the corresponding statement credit will post to your Discover Card account.

Privacy and Security

To enable you to use Pay with Rewards to purchase eligible items, Apple may share information that you have provided to Apple with DFS and vice versa. This information sharing allows DFS to provide Apple with information about your Rewards account, including your Rewards balance and redemption activity, to facilitate Pay with Rewards transactions and for Apple to display your available Rewards. Apple may also share information that you have provided to Apple with DFS so that DFS can perform its functions with respect to the Pay with Rewards program.


Apple terms and conditions apply. Apple Pay Wallet terms and conditions apply. Additional DFS Rewards Program Terms and Conditions apply. Please see your Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details. The Terms, Pay with Rewards Terms and all other applicable terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice. We reserve the right to stop providing Pay with Rewards at any time.

Additional DFS Pay with Rewards information is available. If you have additional questions about paying with Cashback Bonus, visit If you have additional questions about paying with Miles, visit If you have questions regarding your Rewards or your Discover Card account, please contact Discover at 1-800-Discover (1-800-347-2683).

Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, and without limiting any other provisions of these Pay with Rewards Terms or other applicable terms and conditions, we will not be liable if we fail to send, or delay the transmission of, funds to a designated business through Pay with Rewards if: (i) you have insufficient funds available to complete the redemption with your Discover Card; (ii) we believe the redemption may violate applicable law, these Pay with Rewards Terms or other applicable terms and conditions; (iii) we identify a security risk involving the redemption or Pay with Rewards service; (iv) circumstances beyond our control (such as fire, flood, terrorist attack, or national emergency) prevent the redemption, despite reasonable precautions that we have taken; or (v) your Discover Card or your eligible device that you have provisioned your Discover Card using Apple Pay has been reported as lost or stolen or if we have reason to believe that your Discover Card or account has been compromised or that the redemption is not authorized by you. We cannot guarantee the timely delivery of funds as a result of a failure of another financial institution or payment intermediary to act in a timely manner.

These Pay with Rewards Terms were last updated July 3, 2024.