What is chip technology?

Chip technology is a security standard for in-store payment transactions that is now being adopted in the U.S.

  • Easy to UseIt's your same card - so use it just like before. Once retailers adopt this technology, the terminals will prompt you to insert your card.
  • Added SecurityThe chip helps protect against fraud because it creates unique transaction data when the card is used at chip-enabled terminals in stores and at ATMs.
  • Same Fraud ProtectionAs always, you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.

How can I get a Discover card with chip?

We will be sending updated cards to cardmembers throughout 2015 so that you'll be ready as retailers begin adopting chip technology. If you'd like to request one sooner, please call the phone number on the back of your card.

Where can I use it?

Use it everywhere you do today. When a retailer updates their terminals to accept chip payments, just insert your card instead of swiping the magnetic stripe.

At retailers that are ready

  1. Insert Chip Card

    Insert Chip Card

    Place chip end of card face up into the terminal.

    Gray Right Direction Arrow
  2. Follow the Prompts

    Follow the Prompts

    Provide your signature, if requested. No PIN required, except at ATMs.

    Gray Right Direction Arrow
  3. Remove Your Card

    Remove Your Card

    Take card out of the terminal when prompted, or after the transaction is complete.

At retailers that don't have chip-enabled terminals yet, swipe your card's magnetic stripe just like before.

Phone or online purchases: No changes. Simply complete your transaction as you do today.

View our Discover Chip Cards FAQs

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