Fraud and Activity Alerts

Fraud alerts use our free warning system to quickly notify you of any unusual activity. If you get a text notification about a fraudulent transaction, you can verify if the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent via text with a Customer Service representative. Plus, with our $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, you're never responsible for any unauthorized charges on your Discover card account. Set up your fraud alerts today

Activity alerts are helpful reminders of normal account activity. You decide which reminders you would like to receive, how you would like to receive them, and you can change your selection at any time. Set them to notify you:

  • 6-7 days before a payment is due
  • Exactly when we receive your payment
  • When a purchase exceeds a dollar amount you choose
  • When a statement is available
  • Cashback Bonus reminders

Go Paperless, Stay Safer

Reduce the potential of mail fraud while helping Discover save paper. Paperless Statements allow you exclusive access to 7 years of statements through the password-protected website and Discover Mobile app. Sign up today and visit our Paperless Statements FAQs.

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Need Help Now?

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