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What is a contactless Discover® Card?

The contactless Discover® Card offers the latest payment technology to help you make fast, easy, and secure payments with your card at checkout.

How do I use my contactless card?

Find the EMVCo Contactless Indicator on the back of your card and look for the EMVCo Contactless Symbol on the card reader at checkout. Hold your card on the card reader for 2-3 seconds to process the payment.

How can I request a contactless card?

If you see the Contactless Indicator on the back of your card, then you already have a contactless card and can begin using it immediately. If you don’t see the Contactless Indicator, you can request a contactless Discover® Card at here. Contactless cards are not available for all card types.

If I request a contactless Discover® Card, will my account information change?

No, your account information will not change. A new card will be issued with the same card number and a new card verification value (CVV).

Are contactless card transactions just as secure as inserting my card?

Contactless Discover® Cards utilize security technology that is similar to what is on your chip card. And with our $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, you’re never held responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover account.

If I have a contactless Discover® Card, is using contactless my only option to pay?

No. Discover offers many ways to pay. You can insert your chip card into the card reader or pay with an eWallet. Your contactless Discover® Card comes complete with all the same payment options you’re used to.

Where can I tap to pay with my contactless Discover® Card?

You can tap your card to pay at millions of stores nationwide. Simply look for the Contactless Symbol on the card reader or ask the cashier at checkout.

Do my purchases require signatures?

That depends on the retailer. Purchases of $100 or more may require a signature.

Can a contactless Discover® Card be used for online or over-the-phone purchases?

Yes. Contactless cards still come with a number, expiration date and card verification value (CVV) that can be used for online or over-the-phone purchases.

How do I make sure my charges are going to my contactless Discover® Card, and not my other cards?

When merchants initiate purchases, it’s important to make sure only your contactless Discover® Card is close to the card reader.

Contactless technology may be available on other cards and devices, which can result in accidental payments if held to the card reader at the same time during checkout.

Can I use my contactless Discover® Card on transit?

Yes. Many major city transit systems accept contactless Discover® Cards, such as Chicago CTA and Portland TriMet.

What if my contactless Discover® Card isn't working at my transit station?

If your transit transaction is declined, contact the merchant directly to resolve the declined transaction.

If I have an NHL branded Discover card, will I be able to request a contactless card?

No. At this time, NHL branded cards are not available with the contactless technology.

The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator mark, consisting of four graduating arcs, are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

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