Log in to easily set up your card with Google Pay™. Be sure to use the email account your device is synced with.

Or scan code to set up  from your Android phone

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The simple and rewarding way to pay

Add your Discover® Card to a Digital Wallet like Google Pay or Samsung Pay. It only takes a moment with your Discover login. Samsung Pay users must add card from a Samsung mobile device.

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Setting up your card is easy

Add card to conveniently pay with just your Android phone, tablet or watch. We make it simple. Just log in to your Discover account to quickly add your card.

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Earn rewards on every purchase

Use your Discover Card with Google Pay or Samsung Pay to tap, pay, and earn rewards. Just look for these symbols at checkout:

Accepted at the places you love

Digging around for your wallet and card is a chore of the past. Add your Discover Card to a Digital Wallet  for a simple and rewarding checkout at millions of merchants.

How to use Google Pay or Samsung Pay

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The Most Fun 5% Ever

Gives enhanced security at checkout1

Google Pay never sells your personal info or shares your transaction record.

It has easy-to-use privacy tools and built-in security to help keep your payment info safe. Digital Wallet purchases include those made with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and in-store with Google Pay.

Plus you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases made on your Discover Card.2

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need an NFC-enabled Android phone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer. To see the version of Android you're running, open your phone's "Setting" app, then tap "About Device."

If you see one of the following errors, your phone might not be supported:

  • "Google Pay can't be used."
  • "Google Pay is unable to verify your device."
  • "You can no longer use Google Pay on this phone."

If you have a supported device and are experiencing issues, many of them can be fixed by resetting your phone to factory settings.

Use of an eligible Android Wear 2.0 device

There is no cost to cardmembers who use their Discover card in Google Pay. However, your Discover card's terms and conditions will apply for purchases. Also, additional message and data charges may apply depending on your wireless plan.

Yes. So while Android Pay changed its name to Google Pay, all of the information you've added, along with your Android Pay settings, is the same on Google Pay. It will also work everywhere Android Pay had worked (wherever NFC payments are accepted for in stores) and your favorite apps and websites.

You may continue to use your plastic card as you usually would after you add your Discover card to Google Pay.

You receive notifications when purchases are made using Google Pay. To turn these notifications off, go to "Settings" and tap Wallet & Google Pay." From there, select your added Discover card and turn your "Card Notifications" off. Please note that by turning off your "Card Notifications," you will no longer see transaction notifications or your purchase history in Google Pay.

Yes. Your ten most recent transactions made using your Discover card in Google Pay will be displayed.

1. Tap to pay in-store Google Pay transactions require authentication via a PIN, pattern or biometric; Samsung via a PIN or biometric; and Garmin via a passcode. Purchase authentication can be managed in the settings of your Digital Wallet. In-store Google Pay purchases and other Digital Wallets like Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay use tokens, a substitute for your account number, each time a Digital Wallet purchase is made. So your actual card number is never shared with merchants.

Digital Wallet purchases include some online purchases and some in-store purchases made with your smartphone, tablet, or wearable. Purchases made with Google Pay include only those made by tapping your mobile device in-store. Certain third-party payment accounts and digital wallet transactions may be identified as being through a digital wallet. Discover does not determine the transaction details it receives for purchases.

2. An "unauthorized purchase" is a purchase where you have not given access to your card information to another person or a merchant for one-time or repeated charges. Please use reasonable care to protect your card and do not share it with employees, relatives, or friends.  Learn more at Discover.com/fraudFAQ.

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