Other banks charge you for checking. We reward you.

No monthly fees or monthly balance requirements
Earn Cashback Rewards Info Get your own debit card


Rewards that add up quickly with your everyday banking.

Earn 10¢ on up to 100 transactions per month.


Here's why our checking account is right for you.

Great features, plus rewards. Discover
Monthly fee
(no balance or activity requirements)
Access to over 60,000 No Fee ATMs in the U.S.
Rewards on Debit Purchases, Checks Cleared and Online Bill Payments
(Up to 100 transactions per month)
No Fee Online Bill Pay
No Fee Replacement Debit Card.
Convenience shouldn't cost you a cent. Discover
No Fee Official Bank Check
No Fee for Expedited Delivery of your Replacement Debit Card
No Fee Outbound ACH Transfers
No Fee Incoming Wire
Paper Copy of Check or Deposited Item
No hidden fees. Discover
Outgoing Wire
to an external bank
Deposited Item Returned
(per item)
Stop Payment
(per request)


So how does it work?

Check your Email

You'll receive an e-mail from your school or your school's refund selection portal if you have a refund disbursement coming your way.

Make a Selection

Follow the link in the email to the selection portal where you will have the option to select Discover Cashback Checking as your refund delivery method.

Apply for your Account

The selection portal will direct you to Discover's online application where you can apply for your Cashback Checking Account as part of the Discover Student Deposits Program.

Please note:

Cashback Checking Accounts opened directly through the website and not from the RefundSelectSM or eRefunds PLUSTM selection portals do not qualify for the Discover Student Deposits Program and are subject to the Insufficient Funds Fee.


Whatever you need to do,
wherever you happen to be.

Learn more about the
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With over 60,000 no fee ATMs, it's never hard to find a place to get cash. Info About Data

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Here's what other people like you wanted to know about Cashback Checking.

The Discover Student Deposits Program offers the opportunity to apply for a Cashback Checking account to students who come to Discover Bank through the RefundSelect℠ or eRefunds PLUS™ Program and anticipate receiving financial aid disbursements through specific universities or colleges where the product is offered.

Students who apply and are approved for a Cashback Checking account through the RefundSelect℠ or eRefunds PLUS™ selection portal offered in conjunction with specific universities or colleges and meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the Discover Student Deposits Program.

The Discover Cashback Checking account through the Discover Student Deposits Program can only be applied for and opened online after being connected from the RefundSelect℠ or eRefunds PLUS™ selection portal to Discover Bank's website.

You can continue using your account, however if you are no longer enrolled in school and remain unenrolled for 12 consecutive months, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the Discover Student Deposits Program. This means you'll continue to enjoy all the great features and benefits that Cashback Checking offers with one difference - the Insufficient Funds Fee for your account will increase from $0 to $30 (max 1 per day).


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