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About Us

A relationship you 

can trust.


Through our arrangement with AAA, you can count on Discover for quality savings products with high yields, designed to help you grow and effectively manage your assets.


Through Discover Bank, AAA members receive:

  • Preferred member rates on all CDs, IRA CDs and the Savings Account

    Preferred member rates are available on all CD/IRA CD terms and the Savings Account. The selected CD terms and Savings product that receive preferred member rates are subject to change without notice and are determined at the sole discretion of Discover Bank. Preferred member rates for CD/IRA CD and Savings Account are already reflected in quoted rates. Preferred member rates are not available for Money Market Accounts.

  • No fees on any account

    Outgoing wire transfers are subject to a service charge. We don’t charge any incoming or outgoing wire service charge for IRA products. You may be charged a fee by a non-Discover ATM if it is not part of the 60,000+ ATMs in our no-fee network. A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal from a CD account.

  • No minimum deposit required to open an Online Savings, Money Market, CD, or IRA CD Account​ 
  • Deposits that are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed by law​

    For more detailed information on FDIC insurance coverage, contact the FDIC directly by visiting or by calling 1-877-ASKFDIC (1-877-275-3342), (TDD:1-800-925-4618)

  • U.S.-based Banking Specialists available 24/7


Accelerate your savings and start earning more with us today!


Our friendly customer service is available 24/7.