Live at the mall? Love a good sale? Find out which credit cards give the best rewards for frequent shoppers.

For some, shopping is an entertaining (and costly) hobby. You may be a bargain hunter and love a good sale. Or maybe you’re an impulse buyer and just can’t say no to a new pair of shoes. Either way, you might find yourself spending more time on retail therapy than most. By using the right credit card on your shopping excursions you could potentially save money and earn more rewards and cash back on your spending. Credit cards can be as essential to a shopaholic’s arsenal as coupons and seasonal sales. Stretch your budget further and benefit from your spending habits with these features and perks that every savvy consumer should consider when picking a shopping credit card.

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Cash Back Credit Cards

If you don’t habitually shop at the same stores, you may want an unaffiliated cash back credit card that allows you to accrue rewards and cash back on a rotating carousel of seasonal offers. Your rewards card may only get 1% cash back on everyday purchases, but credit cards with the best rewards may  offer 5% cash back at different places each quarter like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants,, or wholesale clubs up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate.. These types of rewards programs can really benefit the smart shopper.

Store Credit Cards

You’ve probably been asked at the checkout counter if you would like to save an extra 10-15% on your purchase that day by opening a store credit card. These affiliated cards, though appealing, may not make sense for anyone other than the loyal shopper. Even then, these cards usually have high interest rates, which can counteract the savings if you carry a balance. But if you find yourself frequenting a particular retailer repeatedly, an affiliated store card could possibly benefit you. Make sure to compare store credit card options to unaffiliated rewards cards with similar benefits because some bank cards may offer more cash back at the same retailer than its own store card.

Online Shopping

If you’re a digital bargain hunter, find a card that offers deals for online shopping. Many credit cards team up with online retailers to ensure your shopping is secure and convenient, while also allowing you to rack up rewards on purchases. Check if your issuer offers an online rewards portal, where you could score point-of-sale discounts and earn rewards by shopping through the portal on the retailer’s website. Discover Deals includes offers across several popular shopping categories to help cardmembers save money. Plus, Discover collaborated with to make online purchases quick and easy. Cardmembers can use their Cashback Bonus® at checkout, and every $1 Cashback Bonus translates to $1 to spend on your purchase.  

Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

Purchase protection may replace, repair or reimburse you up to a maximum amount if something you purchased with the card is accidentally damaged or stolen within a certain time frame after purchase. And rather than springing for an extended warranty at the electronics counter, some credit cards will offer cardmembers a free extended warranty.*

Return Protection

Buyer’s remorse can creep up on a shopaholic months after a purchase. Maybe you impulsively bought a pair of expensive boots only to find them buried in your closet months later. If you decide to return an item after the return period has passed, some shopping credit cards will offer return protection.*

By looking for the above mentioned features, perks and rewards when choosing a credit card you can stretch your shopping dollars further, earn rewards on your purchases, save money shopping online and easily return unnecessary impulse buys.

Discover It Card


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