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Cash Access

How to get cash from your Discover account at an ATM or bank.


Can I get cash with my Discover Card?

Yes. Discover Card provides quick and easy options to get cash anytime and anywhere. You can get cash with your Discover Card in four easy ways: (1) online cash into checking, (2) ATMs, (3) banks, and (4) cash checks.


When might I need cash from my Discover Card?

There are many reasons why cardmembers use their Discover Card to get cash. Cardmembers may need cash advances for everything from unexpected emergencies such as an auto repair to "cash-only" situations such as paying for kids' camps and sports fees or giving a last minute gift.


What is online cash into checking?

With online cash into checking, you can deposit cash from your Discover Card directly into your checking account.


How will I know if my checking Account is eligible for online cash into checking?

Most accounts from which you've made payments to your Discover Card bill in the past are eligible for these transactions. Click the link to find out more about account eligibility requirements.


Can I get cash at an ATM using my Discover Card?

Yes! To get cash at an ATM, all you need is your Discover Card and your PIN. If you don't know your PIN, click the link to create or change your PIN.

Create or Change PIN

Where can I find an ATM eligible for Discover Card cash access?

Use our ATM locator to find an eligible ATM. You can also identify eligible ATMs by looking for the Discover Network Acceptance mark or PULSE logo. Keep in mind that you must have a PIN before you can withdraw cash access funds from an eligible ATM. If you do not know your PIN, click the link to create or change your PIN.


How can I get a PIN so that I can use my Discover Card at ATMs?

Click the link to create or change your PIN.


What if I forgot my PIN?

Click the link to create or change your PIN if you have forgotten it or want to change it.


Can I get cash from banks nationwide?

Yes. You can get cash from banks nationwide. All you need is your Discover Card and a photo ID. To find your nearest bank, simply go to the bank and ATM locator.


How can I get Discover cash checks?

Click the link to order cash checks or call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). You will receive checks that draw on your available credit and can be used anywhere that accepts checks.


Where can I use cash checks?

Use cash checks wherever checks are accepted. The only difference is that instead of funds being withdrawn from your checking account, the funds will be drawn from your cash credit line, and post to your Discover Card account. These charges will be subject to the cash advance APR and a cash advance transaction fee on your account.


Is there a fee for taking a cash advance?

There may be a cash advance transaction fee. Your information can be found in your Cardmember Agreement. Some ATMs may have additional fees and restrictions.


Is there a limit to how much cash I can receive?

The amount of your cash advance will depend upon what you have available in your cash credit line. Other balances, such as purchases and balance transfers affect how much is available for cash. To check your available cash credit line, log into the Account Center.

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