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Learn about the various methods to transfer other card balances to your Discover Card.
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How long does it take to process a balance transfer to my Discover Card?

When you request a balance transfer, Discover card makes a payment to your other creditor(s). Most transfers are processed within 7 days unless you request a balance transfer when you open a new account. It typically takes 14 days to process balance transfers for new accounts. You should allow additional time for the creditor to receive the funds and credit your other account. Please continue to make payments to your other creditors to avoid late fees. It's best to contact your other creditor(s) to confirm they have received the balance transfer.

The balance transfer may post to your Discover card account at any time within the two-week period. You can check to see if it has posted by logging in to the Account Center, selecting "Credit Options" in the navigation bar, and clicking on Track Status in the drop-down menu.

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Why is the Credit Line Available amount noted on my balance transfer offer and balance transfer request pages sometimes different than what I see in my Account Summary?

The credit you have available for a balance transfer reflects your Credit Available minus any balance transfers pending on your account. Pending balance transfers include balance transfers that have been approved but not yet authorized or that have not yet posted to your Account. Once a balance transfer has posted as a debit to your account it will be reflected in the Credit Available amount in your Account Summary.

Can I avoid interest on purchases if I transfer a balance?

You can avoid interest on new purchases you make if you pay your entire balance in full each month. This means unless you have a 0% introductory purchase APR, you will pay interest on new purchases if you do not pay the balances you transfer under the offer in full by the first payment due date. Please see your Cardmember Agreement for details.

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