Discover Data Sharing Agreement

This Data Sharing Agreement (the "Agreement") is between you and Discover Products, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices at 2500 Lake Cook Rd., Riverwoods, IL (together, with its parents and subsidiaries, "Discover" or "we" or "us") and governs your use of the Discover data sharing transmission service (the "Service"). This Agreement applies in addition to, and does not replace, any other agreement that you may have with Discover such as any Discover credit card, deposit, or personal loan account(s) (each an "Account").

By using the Service, you agree to the terms of this Agreement, Discover's website Terms of Use and Discover's Online Privacy Statement so please read them carefully. Discover reserves the right to revise the Agreement at any time or suspend the Services, and you should regularly visit Discover's Data Sharing Agreement to review this Agreement.

The Service: The Service allows you to direct us to release Customer Account Information (defined below) to a third party (the "Third Party Company") designated by you and on your behalf. In order for Discover to begin sharing your Customer Account Information with the Third Party Company, you must log in with valid Discover credentials (e.g. correct user name and password) and authorize us to do so. Discover is not responsible for the use, interpretation, or presentation of information by a Third Party Company or any data, reports, advice or other information produced by such Third Party Company, notwithstanding that we may provide the Third Party Company with Customer Account Information at your request.

Customer Account Information: "Customer Account Information" or "data" means any and all information, potentially including your personal information, about your Discover Accounts, that Discover shares with the Third Party Company. For example, this information may include any Account information including: names, status, APR, delinquency, balances, transactions, transaction types, currency type, account memos, payments, and payment history. Discover reserves the right to omit or suspend sending any Customer Account Information to Third Party Companies.

De-Linking: After you authorize Discover to share your Customer Account Information with a Third Party Company, your Customer Account Information will continue to be shared until you revoke consent by de-linking your Discover account. You may contact Discover Customer Service to de-link your accountAfter you de-link, Discover will not actively share your Customer Account Information with the Third Party Company, but the Third Party Company may still be able to display, use, and store Customer Account Information previously shared under this Agreement.

Third Party Company is Responsible for Customer Account Information Once Released: Discover agrees to provide Customer Account Information only at your direction and on your behalf to the Third Party Company that you name. After Discover shares your Customer Account Information with the Third Party Company, you agree that its protection, security, storage, use, retention and management is the sole responsibility of the Third Party Company, and that your Customer Account Information will be subject to their privacy policies. Third Party Companies are not under Discover's control, and you accept all risks associated with the Third Party Company's handling, storage and use of your Customer Account Information. Discover will continue to safeguard Customer Account Information in Discover's possession, but we won't be responsible for what happens to it after it is shared with a Third Party Company.

Limitation of Liability: You understand and agree that: (1) unless specifically stated otherwise by Discover, Discover does not endorse, support or offer Third Party Company's products or services; (2) Discover has no responsibility to monitor the Third Party Company's use of your data; and (3) you will not hold or attempt to hold Discover responsible for any use, failure to protect, loss, misuse, protection, marketing, sale, or repackaging of any of the Customer Account Information by the Third Party Company. It's possible that the Third Party Company will keep your Customer Account Information forever, lose it, use it to market to you, repackage it, or sell it. By directing and authorizing Discover to release your Customer Account Information to the Third Party Company, you accept all of these risks.

Third Party Company's Privacy Practices: To learn more about how the Third Party Company manages, and uses Customer Account Information, consult their Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and/or supporting documentation. Discover offers no assurances as to the sufficiency of the Third Party Company's practices. By directing and authorizing Discover to release your Customer Account Information to a Third Party Company, you confirm and agree that the Third Party Company may use your Customer Account Information for any and all purposes permitted by the Third Party Company’s Privacy Policies and applicable laws and regulations.