Other Important Info

Heavy stuff like what constitutes default, our privacy policy, and how we're able to communicate with you.


What if I am having trouble making my payments?

If you're having trouble paying your Minimum Payment Due, call us—we want to work with you. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683)

You are in default if:

  • you file bankruptcy or another insolvency proceeding is filed by you or against you;
  • we have a reasonable belief that you are unable or unwilling to repay your obligations to us;
  • you die or are legally declared incompetent or incapacitated;
  • you fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement or any Agreement with us or an Affiliate, including failing to make a required payment when due, exceeding your Account credit line or using your Card or Account for an illegal transaction.
  • If you are in default, we may declare the entire balance of your Account immediately due and payable without notice.

Collection Costs

If we use an attorney to collect your Account, we may charge you our legal costs as permitted by law. These include reasonable attorneys' fees, court or other collection costs, and fees and costs of any appeal.

Our Privacy Policy

We send you our Privacy Policy when you open your Account, and annually. Contact us or visit Discover.com if you would like a copy. Please read it carefully. It summarizes:

  • the personal information we collect;
  • how we safeguard its confidentiality and security;
  • when it may be shared with others; and
  • how you can limit our sharing of this information.

Reporting to Credit Reporting Agencies

Can you tell me more about Credit Reporting Agencies?

Discover communicates with multiple credit reporting agencies, including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Remember, you're entitled to one free credit report from each of the 3 nationwide consumer credit reporting companies every 12 months. Request your free report online at AnnualCreditReport.com or by phone or mail, and avoid surprises when applying for loans or credit.

We may from time to time review your credit, employment and income records. We may report the status and payment history of your Account to credit reporting agencies and other creditors. We normally report to credit reporting agencies each month.

If you believe that information we reported is inaccurate or incomplete, please write us at Discover, PO Box 15316, Wilmington, DE 19850-5316. Please include your name, address, home phone number and Account number.

Our Communications with You

Why does Discover listen to or record phone calls?

We want to provide you with the very best customer service. So, listening or recording phone calls is a great way to train our customer service agents. It also helps us keep an accurate record of a conversation or incident.

You agree that we (and our affiliates, agents, and contractors) may monitor or record any calls between you and us. If we need to contact you to service your Account or to collect amounts you owe to us, you authorize us (and our affiliates, agents, and contractors) to contact you at any number (i) you have provided to us (ii) from which you called us, or (iii) which we obtained and believe we can reach you at. You must notify us if any number you provided to us or at which we contact you with your consent or authorization changes or is no longer in use. We may contact you in any way, such as calling, texting, or e-mail. We may contact you using an automated dialer or using pre-recorded messages. We may contact you on a mobile, wireless, or similar device, even if you are charged for it by your provider.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by applicable federal law and by Delaware law. However, in the event you default and we file a lawsuit to recover funds loaned to you, the statute of limitations of the state where the lawsuit is filed will apply, without regard to that state's conflicts of laws principles or its "borrowing statute."


If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, the rest of it will still remain in effect. However, if the Class Action Waiver in the "Arbitration of Disputes" section is invalidated in any proceeding in which you and we are involved, then the "Arbitration of Disputes" section will be void with respect to that proceeding.

Enforcing this Agreement

We may delay enforcing or not enforce any of our rights under this Agreement without losing or waiving any of them.

Assignment of Account

We may sell, assign or transfer your Account or any portion of it without notice to you. You may not sell, assign or transfer your Account without first obtaining our prior written consent.


"Account" means your Discover card account.

"Affiliate" means our parent corporations, subsidiaries and affiliates.

"Authorized User" means any person you authorize to use your Account or a Card, whether you notify us or not.

"Balance Transfer" means a balance transferred from another creditor to your Account

"Card" means any one or more Discover cards issued to you or someone else with your authorization.

"Cash Advance" means the use of your Account to:

  • obtain cash from participating automated teller machines, financial institutions or other locations;
  • purchase lottery tickets, money orders, casino chips, foreign currency or similar items.

"Pricing Schedule" means the document entitled, "Pricing Schedule", which lists the APRs that apply to your Account and other important information.

"Prime Rate" means the highest rate of interest listed as the U.S. Prime rate in the Money Rates section of The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month.

"Purchase" means the use of your Account to purchase or lease goods or services at participating merchants.

"We," "us" and "our" refer to Discover Bank, the issuer of your Card.

"You," "your" or "yours" refer to you and any other person(s) who are also contractually liable under this Agreement.

"Transaction Date" means the date shown on your billing statement for a transaction or fee.