7 Credit Card Benefits You Don’t Know About

Did you know your credit card can give you money-saving super powers? It’s true: most customers have no idea they can use their cards to say, extend a laptop warranty for free. To help you make the most of your card benefits, we’ve compiled a list of 7 credit card benefits you may not even know you have.

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Shopping Credit Card Benefits

Credit cards can offer several different benefits that could help you save money on your purchases and help to protect them afterward.

  1. Purchase Protection: With the purchase protection benefit, provided by some credit card issuers, qualifying purchases may be covered against damage or theft. In fact, some cards even have specific policies to cover mobile phone purchases.
  2. Extended Product Warranty: Extended product warranty programs are commonly available from many card issuers that cover qualifying purchases for an additional year when the manufacturer’s warranty is 36 months or less.
  3. Price Protection: Some credit cards may offer price protection policies that provide for a refund if you find a lower price after making a purchase.
  4. Return Guarantee: If a store will not accept your return within 90 days, some credit cards offer a return guarantee policy.

Travel insurance benefits

Many credit cards feature valuable credit card benefits for travelers including:

  1. Auto rental collision damage waiver policy. Almost all credit cards offer rental car insurance that allows you to save money each time you rent a vehicle. Just be sure to note if these policies have restrictions on where you are covered and if they only apply to certain types of vehicles.
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Financial management

Cardholders can also benefit from a variety of tools to help manage their account and their finances.

  1. Automatic bill payment. The automatic bill payment benefit that some credit cards offer allows you to pay recurring bills such as those for mobile phone service, cable television, or insurance. In some cases, these purchases are even eligible to receive reward points, miles or cash back.

Discover offers all of the above shopping credit card benefits to its cardmembers. Learn more about all of the great cardmember benefits offered by Discover.

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