Answers to Top Cardmember Questions:

"How Do Data Breaches Occur?"
A data breach happens when sensitive data (like credit card information) is compromised, which means it has the potential to be seen, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual. Oftentimes, it's the result of criminals that gain access to restricted computer networks.
"Is There a Difference Between a Data Breach and Credit Card Fraud?"
Yes. A data breach doesn't necessarily mean your card information was accessed—only that the possibility exists. However, fraud occurs when your physical card, or your card's information has been stolen and/or duplicated to make unauthorized purchases on your account. It is a crime that's punishable by law.

Here's How We Handle Data Breaches

We'll Notify You
We will contact you if we suspect your account was involved in a data breach.
We'll Replace Your Card
In most cases, we will send you a new card with updated information to help prevent unauthorized use of your account.
We'll Keep Watch
We monitor your transactions 24/7 and contact you if we detect suspicious activity on your account.

We've Got Your Back

$0 Fraud Liability Guarantee
If your account was to experience fraud, you're never responsible for any unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.

Report Suspicious Purchases

Call us at 1-866-240-7938
Speak to a member of our dedicated team of fraud specialists, day or night, to report suspicious activity on your account.