Whether you're facing an unexpected bill or need to make a cash-only purchase, your card can help you out with a cash advance

What you need to know about cash advances

ATMs & Banks

 to get cash instantly at over 500,000 ATMs. Or stop by a participating 

bank or credit union. Find an ATM

Online Direct Deposit

Deposit cash straight into your
checking account for easy access within 1–3 days.

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Cash Access Checks

Log in to see if you're eligible to request checks online and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

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Some things to keep in mind with a cash advance

APRs & Fees

Log in and view your statement to see yours, and keep in mind that interest will be charged right away on cash advances.


The amount of your cash advance is limited to your available Cash Advance Credit Line. Also keep in mind that different banks may have their own cash draw withdrawal limits through ATMs—and some ATMs may have additional fees and restrictions.


Banks and credit unions require a photo ID to access cash. It's also good to check that your financial institution honors cash access with Discover. If you prefer to use an ATM, just make sure to create a PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Discover Card provides quick and easy options to get cash anytime and anywhere. You can get cash with your Discover card in three easy ways:

(1) cash advance into checking, (2) ATMs, and (3)  banks and credit unions.

With cash advance into checking, you can transfer cash from your Discover Card directly into your checking account.

Most accounts from which you've made payments to your Discover Card bill in the past are eligible for these transactions. Learn more about eligibility requirements.

Yes! To get cash at an ATM, all you need is your Discover Card and your PIN. If you don't know your PIN, create or change your PIN here.
If you forgot your PIN, you can create a new one here.

Here's a list of major banks that usually provide over-the-counter cash access with a Discover card and photo ID. Participation can vary by location, so we strongly recommend contacting a your local branch to confirm before making the trip.


Wells Fargo, US Bank, TD Bank, Suntrust Bank, BB & T, Citibank, Capital One Bank, Fifth Third Bank, First National Bank, Citizens Bank, HNB, M&T Bank, Santander Bank, Trustmark, BMO Harris, Arvest Bank, Key Bank, Compass Bank, FCF Bank, Bank of the West

If eligible, you can go to Discover.com/checks or call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) to order cash access checks. You will receive checks that draw on your available credit and can be used anywhere that accepts checks.
There is a cash advance transaction fee. Your information can be found in your Cardmember Agreement. Some ATMs may have additional fees and restrictions.
The amount of your cash advance will depend upon what you have available in your cash credit line. Other balances, such as purchases and balance transfers affect how much is available for cash. To check your available cash credit line, visit your Account Center and select "Card Info."