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Baggage Delay Insurance

Learn how Discover Card can help you if your luggage is delayed.


What is Baggage Delay Insurance?

As a complimentary feature of your Discover Card, you are automatically eligible for reimbursement of the actual cost of replacing any personal items from your checked luggage, up to $500, if your luggage is delayed at least three hours in getting to you at your scheduled destination.View Baggage Delay Insurance

Do I have to pay a fee for Baggage Delay Insurance?

No. However, the entire cost of the common carrier ticket must be charged to your Discover Card (and/or accrued rewards) for coverage to apply.View My Benefits

How do I start the claim process?

Report the incident to the common carrier within 24 hours and then call 1-800-347-0213 within 30 days of the Baggage delay incident.

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