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This calculator and the values shown are intended for illustrative and informational purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances. This calculator uses an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that is rounded to the nearest one-hundredth of one percentage point, e.g., .01%. However, actual interest earned calculations use an APY that is rounded to the nearest one-thousandth of one percentage point, e.g., .011%. As a result, the estimated interest earned value shown here may vary from the actual interest earned on your account. Calculation assumes principal and interest remain on deposit and interest rate and APY do not change.


Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of XX/XX/XXXX, is subject to change without notice, and will be determined and fixed for the term at funding.  Applies to personal accounts only. A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. Minimum deposit to open is $2,500.

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What if you lock in your CD rate, but need your money early?

That's no problem. Keep in mind that you may incur a penalty if you withdraw funds from your Certificate of Deposit before its maturity date. The early withdrawal penalty will depend on the CD’s term.

“Simple interest” is calculated by multiplying the daily interest rate by your principal by the number of days that elapse between payments. (One month equals 30 days for simple interest fee calculation.)

Beginning on the 8th day after your CD is opened and funded and for the next 22 calendar days, we will deduct each day’s simple interest on the issue amount withdrawn from the funding date to the date of withdrawal. Thereafter, the Early Withdrawal Penalty will be calculated as described in the chart below.

In some cases, the early withdrawal penalty may reduce the principal in the CD.


Early Withdrawal Penalties shown apply to new CDs.

less than 1 year
1 year to < 4 years
4 years to < 5 years
5 years to < 7 years
7 years to 10 years
3 months simple interest
6 months simple interest
9 months simple interest
18 months simple interest
24 months simple interest

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