Many people are attracted to the convenience and reliability of mobile banking. It makes formerly tedious and time-consuming tasks like depositing money quick and effortless. In order to take advantage of this technology, you can download your bank’s mobile app. The app is designed for maximum user convenience by providing the accessibility users might need on-the-go. The following features are some of the benefits of mobile banking.

Checking your account

One major benefit of mobile banking is having your financial information right at your fingertips. You can log in to your mobile banking app wherever you have cell phone service or access to a secure Wi-Fi network. In a few seconds, you can:

  • View your account balances.
  • Check your interest earnings.
  • See and confirm recent account activity.

Managing your accounts

Mobile banking apps allow you to see your account information and easily control the funds in your accounts. You can also schedule transfers to eligible accounts on a one-time or recurring basis, and view your scheduled transfers and recent transfer history. If you need customer assistance, just click on the phone number and connect with a bank representative directly from the app.

Making a deposit

Depositing a check in your account is easy with mobile banking. Sign the back of your check as usual, select the account for your deposit and confirm the amount.

The camera on a mobile phone makes the next step simple. Within the banking app, take pictures of the front and back of the check, and send the images securely to the bank. Once you get confirmation, your mobile deposit is complete. This process is much quicker and easier than traveling to an ATM or bank branch to make a deposit.

Paying bills

Pay bills promptly and conveniently with your mobile banking app. The process is very similar to making a transfer. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the business you want to pay.
  2. Select the account you want the payment to come from.
  3. Type in the amount.
  4. Click on the date you’d like it delivered.

You can also check the summary to see a list of payments with information for payee, amount, and date for payments that are both scheduled and recently sent.

Staying secure

Mobile banking is as secure as visiting a branch or banking from home if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Be sure to use a PIN to lock and open your phone.
  • Set up a security option to find your phone if it’s lost or stolen. Your phone’s GPS location function actually adds security for mobile banking.
  • Create a user ID and strong password for your mobile banking account.

As long as you have cell phone reception or access to secure Wi-Fi, you can perform any of these financial functions in just a minute or two. With a few swipes of your fingertips, mobile banking could quickly and effectively make your life easier.

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