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Pay-on-Time Cashback Bonus

How to earn Cashback Bonus by paying your Discover Card bill on time.

What is Cashback Bonus?

The Discover Card cash rewards program is called the Cashback Bonus Program. The Discover Motiva card makes it easy to earn Cashback Bonus in 2 ways - by paying on-time and making purchases.

You will earn a full 1% after you make $3,000 in qualifying purchases annually and .25% on your first $3,000 and all warehouse purchases. Warehouse purchases are those made at select warehouse clubs, wholesale distributors, discount stores and their affiliates. 

And each month you pay on time, you'll earn 5% of your current month's interest charges as Cashback Bonus.

Besides making purchases, how else can I earn Cashback Bonus?

You can earn additional Cashback Bonus for making your payments on-time. Each month you pay on time, you may earn a Cashback Bonus equal to 5% of your current month’s interest charges. An on-time payment means paying at least the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date. The amount of your Cashback Bonus will be included on your statement in the Cashback Bonus Summary section, along with the cash rewards you've earned on purchases.

The interest used to calculate your additional Cashback Bonus is the combined Interest Charges on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances shown on your billing statement in the Interest Charge Calculation Summary section. The amount of these Interest Charges will depend on your current balance, Annual Percentage Rates and payments and will not include any Fees.

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