College students use mobile devices for a variety of activities – from posting to social media to purchasing concert tickets. Comfort with smartphone technology has made mobile banking an easy transition for students who are gaining financial independence with their first checking or savings account, and mobile banking apps offer a convenient way to keep track of their finances.

The day-to-day life of a college student is demanding and short on free time. Lengthy banking activities like paying bills and transferring funds are made simple for college students through mobile banking. More time can be spent on the many priorities of a student’s life with the help of banking apps and mobile sites. 

How Mobile Banking Differs from Online Desktop Banking

Mobile banking is still relatively new compared to online banking on a desktop computer. While students can still perform many of the same functions on both a mobile device and a computer, using a smartphone or tablet for banking in between classes to check account balance or pay rent may be more convenient than having to pull out a laptop at home. While desktop and mobile banking share similarities, in that both are online banking, the 24/7 accessibility of mobile banking appeals to the on-the-go lifestyle of college students.

Mobile Banking Features Include:

  1. Account Monitoring: Instantly view accounts, track spending and bill payments- helpful for budgeting and managing daily activity.
  2. Funds Transfer: Transfer money from one account to another in seconds when initiating a one-time or ongoing transfer.
  3. Bill Pay: Use the bill pay feature to review which bills have been paid, which bills are due, and what day the money should be withdrawn from the account.
  4. Check Deposit: Deposit checks simply by taking a picture of the front and back of the check within the mobile banking app.

The Benefits of Mobile Banking Include:

  1. Security: Smartphones and mobile banking apps have built-in features to keep bank account and personal information safe.
  2. Peace of Mind: One of the best ways to achieve peace of mind is through frequent account monitoring. Mobile banking apps allow instant monitoring of accounts to see if anyone else is accessing them.
  3. Easy Access: Most mobile banking apps offered by financial institutions are free, although there may be data usage charges or other fees associated with your cell phone account. The apps are widely available on most mobile platforms.
  4. More Control: As a college student, learning to manage money is an essential part of independent living. Being able to see transaction history and complete basic banking activities from anywhere provides better control over funds.

College students who are learning skills to manage money will benefit from having access to their accounts at all times using their mobile devices. Using a mobile banking app allows students to be proactive and take ownership of their own financial success.

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