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10 Tips for Catching Up on Retirement Savings

In a perfect world, you've been saving a large portion of your salary every year in a retirement account. That money has been earning interest and you'll be able to retire comfortably, maybe even early. The reality of... Read more


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The Reality of Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement should start early and continue throughout your career. When planning for retirement, it's helpful to think of reaching your goals within each... Read more

Retiring: Turn to CDs For Cash Flow

If you are retired and need to fill a gap in your monthly income stream, save for other medium- to long-term goals or supplement your existing investment mix, Certificates... Read more

When Markets Turn Volatile, Keep a Long-Term Focus

As an investor, now may be a good time to concentrate on the long term as a means to reducing the short-term effects of market volatility. Here are several investment... Read more

Doing the Math: How Much Will You Need for Retirement?

Even though calculating a retirement savings goal is key to pursuing and maintaining a confident financial outlook, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported in... Read more

What To Do With Your 401(k) When You Leave Your Job

When you're leaving your job and possibly starting a new one, it's easy to get wrapped up in the changes taking place in your life and forget about your 401(k)... Read more

Three Key Retirement Income Strategies

There are two factors that can determine whether you'll have a comfortable retirement: The amount of money you've saved and how quickly you spend that nest egg after... Read more

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans: Adding Up the Pluses

Have you ever wondered why financial planners say employer-sponsored plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) -- such as Discover's IRA Certificates of Deposit... Read more

Why You Need a Financial Plan

Studies have shown that financial planning plays a key role in achieving major life goals. Why wait any longer? Start assessing your current situation, setting goals... Read more
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