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Discover is an online banking leader with products and services that extend beyond credit cards into other loans and savings products, all of which offer our customers great rates and superior customer service.

Discover Card

The Discover card was launched with a simple objective: to reward customer loyalty in a more meaningful way, while also providing more choice and control over credit. We were the first to introduce a cash rewards card and also offered no annual fee and 24/7 customer service, which was almost unheard of back in 1986. We're now one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States and offer a comprehensive line of cash, travel and gift cards to both consumers and small businesses alike.
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Discover Bank

We offer a broad range of direct banking products such as online checking, savings, certificates of deposit, and money market accounts, as well as private student loans,personal loans and home loans. Our two banking affiliates, Discover Bank and Bank of New Castle, are chartered and regulated by the Office of Delaware State Bank Commissioner and the FDIC, which insures their deposits and serves as their federal banking regulator.
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Discover Home Loans

Discover Home Loans provide customers simpler, easier, and more rewarding home financing. With competitive rates and fees, dedicated mortgage bankers, and access to online tools and resources, Discover Home Loans delivers key benefits to consumers whether they are refinancing or buying a home for the first time.
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