Pinterest and home decor blogs have ushered in an era where parents may be more focused than ever on baby decor.

New parents want to welcome baby home in a stylish way, but they may also be strapped for cash, with so many other financial priorities looming in their lives.

The good news is that many adorable styles can be achieved without breaking the bank. Decor experts have a variety of ideas for decorating a nursery on a budget.

Small Cash, Big Impact

You don’t have to splurge on big ticket items to create a cute-as-a-button nursery look. A fresh coat of paint and a lovely statement rug are two easy things you can do to spruce up your little one’s room for less.

Painting the room using a slightly more sophisticated palette can elevate the feeling of the room, which should give Mom or Dad a calm, peaceful feeling as much as baby. Also consider paint as a way to decorate a nursery on a budget, in addition to — or in lieu of — framed artwork.

“You don’t have to be an artist — even simple brushstrokes are very on-trend and make an impact on an over-sized canvas,” says celebrity nursery and kids’ space designer Vanessa Antonelli. “It’s also a great way to add a meaningful and personal touch to the nursery. Another idea is to allow family members to get in on the action to make it that much more special.”

Warm up Your Walls and Floors

You can let your creativity run wild and paint a mural or your own wall designs instead of purchasing artwork, suggests Iris Wingfield, interior design consultant at Flat Pack Mates. “It is much cheaper to buy paint and create a masterpiece on the wall,” she says. And if it doesn’t work out, you can simply paint over it.

Warm up your nursery with a lovely rug. “They add texture and color without much effort,” says Liat Tzoubari, founder and CEO of the online boutique Sevensmith. “Plus, a rug will keep your feet warm on those cold nights that your baby needs you.”

Is your nursery a bit on the smaller side? Use this simple interior design trick, says Tzoubari: “Hang window drapery higher and wider than the windows, giving a grander and larger appearance.”

Purchase Furniture Pieces With an Eye to the Future

Decorators don’t usually recommend spending a lot of money on single purpose kinds of furniture, such as changing tables (though it can be smart to look into changing tables that can double as desks or dressers).

Instead of a regular infant crib, consider a convertible style, which can be changed into a toddler bed and even a daybed further down the road.

Of course, second-hand furniture can be a great way to save, but don’t overlook what’s already in your house first, says Bonny Ford, editor of the FurnishMyWay blog. “Don’t be afraid to upcycle older items and make them new again.” And maybe consider asking for some furniture pieces instead of baby clothing for your shower. Babies outgrow clothes so quickly, while furniture has a longer lifespan.

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