You’ve got a style that’s all your own. So, shouldn’t you find a credit card to match? This quiz will help you find out which credit card design is the perfect accessory to your wallet and complement to your personality.

Plus, beyond the design on your student credit card, it can help you build your credit history before you graduate and set you up for a stronger financial foundation. Through regular, responsible use of your card—which includes making payments each month on time and maintaining a relatively low credit utilization ratio—your activity is reported to the major national credit bureaus and contributes to your credit report. That credit report is what makes up your credit history over time, and one that shows responsible credit behaviors is a good indication to future lenders that you pay back your debts as agreed.

When you want to rent an apartment, buy a car, and buy a house, those lenders can do a credit check to pull your credit report and see your repayment history. That’s why a strong foundation is so important—it demonstrates your creditworthiness to lenders.

Now, let’s get to the quiz!

Find the Student Credit Card Design for You

Discover Student Card designs

Answer 8 questions to find out!

  • It's a Friday night. Where are you?
    • Fans rocking out at a music concert

      Rockin' out

    • two women and a man laughing as they walk down a street

      Out on the town

    • several people sitting in chairs and laughing

      LOLing at the comedy club

    • a woman reading a book with a dog laying on her

      Curled up with a good book

  • Pick your dream vacation.
    • city skyline at night

      Exploring a
      big city

    • two people hiking on a mountain ridge

      Enjoying the great outdoors

    • a woman with a big hat laying down on a beach and looking at the water

      Kicking it at the beach

    • cars driving down a road leading to a mountain range

      Cross-country roadtrip

  • If you made a playlist, it'd be called...
    • A pair of feet dancing

      Good Vibes Only

    • A man and women smiling on a sunny beach

      Life's a Beach

    • a person making a heartshape with their hands at a concert

      Bands You Haven't Heard Of (Yet)

    • a man holding a guitar over his sholder

      Dust Off the Vinyl

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    • a woman drinking from a mug as she looks at her laptop

      Working my way up the corporate ladder

    • two people in a gallery looking at art

      Opening my art gallery

    • friends taking a picture

      Traveling around the world

    • a man shrugging his shoulders

      Check back with me in 9 years

  • Pick a color.
    • yellow to orange gradient

      Sunset Orange

    • lighter blue to light blue gradient

      Sky Blue

    • ocean blue gradient

      Ocean Blue

    • fuchsia gradient


  • What's your style?
    • all white bedroom, very little items


    • retro bedroom with hanging lights


    • eclectic orange bedspread and bedroom


    • coastal bedroom


  • What's your go-to binging series?
    • people having coffee and laughing at something on a phone

      Heading to the coffee shop with
      my pals

    • three people on bikes

      I'm up for
      The Upside Down

    • person in plate armor, holding a sword and flag

      Fire up the

    • man wearing silly homemade hat and shooting a rubberband

      Bring on the workplace shenanigans

  • Your BFF would describe you as...?
    • woman wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and smiling


    • man relaxing on couch looking at laptop

      Laid Back

    • person holding up a piece of paper in front of a cat to make it look like the cat has buck teeth

      A Jokester

    • person skydiving


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