Do you know that you can use your Discover it® card or Discover it® Miles card to shop at You can link your and Discover accounts and pay for your purchases automatically at a 1:1 ratio. It’s one of the great ways a credit card with rewards can bring more value to your shopping.

First, you will need to link your Discover credit card to your account. Go to the Amazon “Cashback Bonus from Discover” page and click “Link your rewards account now.”

You will see the Amazon Sign In page. Enter your Amazon account information.

sign into

After you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken to the Enroll a New Card page.

enroll your discover cash back card on amazon

Click the “Enroll a New Card” button and fill out your Discover card information.

add card information at

Your Discover credit card is now linked to your account and you’ll be able to use your rewards to pay at checkout.

Making a purchase at with the Cashback Bonus of your Discover it® card is very easy. After you sign into your account, hover over “Account and Lists,” then go to “Shop with Points.”

shop with points at

The next page will open all your accounts enrolled with

enrolled credit cards at

Click anywhere on the Discover Card line and check “Apply by Default.” You will see the words “Apply by Default” appear under your Cashback Bonus.

default credit card at

From now on, will always apply your available Discover it® Cashback Bonus to pay for all or part of your order until you cancel it as the default payment method.

The Discover it® Miles card works in the same fashion.

Happy shopping!

Published September 1, 2017.

Updated April 28, 2020.

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